Having a Job can be a problem

Having a job can be wrong. You see how I said “a” job.

I don’t just mean a job, I mean one job. This I think has been told over and over again but we still just have that one job. This isn’t a post about you quitting your job by the way, just so you know. It’s far from that. It’s knowing you have a problem with a single job. OR to make it even clearer, a single revenue. You don’t have to literally be working if you don’t want to but maybe think of investing some of that money for when a bad day comes. Or just for the sake of having MORE.

I know lots of people who think their jobs are secure. Fair enough. How about a little more money on the side with the hard earned money you’ve worked so hard to earn?

When people hear the word investment, this is what comes to mind wall


I don’t have the slightest clue about stocks either. But here a few simple things that you could invest in, rather than having ALL of your money in the bank:

  1. Property ( maybe a small apartment )
  2. Skills ( Are you good at a certain thing? Maybe give a class, a private class? You can start by offering a free class or even 2 free classes and if you’re really good then you can charge )
  3. Contacts : Talk to people who are in investment. People who are making a living out of it and ask them a question or two. Let them give you a hot tip. You don’t have to know stocks to invest in them, just trust the contact(s).
  4. Start ups: A lot of people are sitting at home with a brilliant idea waiting to be funded. Talk to some youngsters, see what they have in mind. You can invest in them and get a piece of the pie. Heck, you can even be a silent partner.
  5. Yourself: Is there any better person to invest in than yourself? How about a course on something that’ll help you excel at work ? Did the person who just promoted at work have a better degree? Maybe its time you took some of that money and improved yourself a bit. It shouldn’t be a course per se. It could be a book or a free online course. Coursera have amazing free ( or very affordable courses) that can really help you enhance your skills. This could even land you a new job ( or a part time job)

Here’s the problem with having a single job:

When you have a single job, your life has a problem. You see. I’m gonna use a bad word here. Well it’s used as a bad word as well but it has several meanings and the meaning I’m referring to is : “debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.” We’re all who***. We just sell ourselves differently. There’s a degrading/unethical/unholy way  you can sell yourself and there’s the way we all sell ourselves on a daily basis. Since this is the world we live in. We don’t want to sell ourselves short. Here’s the real problem with the single job.

YOU inc. hires you, and you’re their only product. And you’re being charged less for your services than you’d normally charge. Why? Because YOU inc is the distributor. It buys you and then rents you for a higher amount to its customers. Customers that you may not even see. And you have no other service. Because YOU inc fills up your time and makes sure that you don’t have time to do anything else, or else you get “warned”.

YOU inc (in partnership with the ministries and your bank) tethers you to a location to make it harder for you to seek out alternatives.

YOU inc. often only hires people who paid $100,000 or more for a piece of paper (a degree) when they were ages of 18-22. This tethers you even more because you have to pay back that money or spent that much money and you feel need to make it all back.

It’s a partnership of corporation and government and college to enslave you.

Our goal is to break out of the slavery.

Always be thinking of an evil plan to escape.

Break a little free. You’ll never be completely free. So you might as well try and be as free as possible.


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