My DC/Marvel rant

So let me go on a little rant here that probably means nothing to most of you. But I have to say it anyways. I’m a huge DC fan. I do like marvel as well. They make fantastic movies. I was blown when Ironman came out. Wow, that was revolutionary. But not really in love with the characters. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been more of a DC kid. Batman, superman over spiderman and ironman anytime of the summer holiday.

I want to talk about the DC movies. Dc has been behind for quite some time now. As painful as it is to admit. Evenhough I prefer their characters. Marvel just happens to make better movies. I think Marvel changed the game with Ironman. When Ironman was first released. I was blown away at what they have done. It was an incredible movie and marvel just kept excelling from there. That was right around the time the Dark knight was released. Here’s something a lot of people will disagree on.I didn’t really like the dark knight. And I wasn’t all that crazy about Heath Ledger’s performance. I think the movie was overrated. Way overhyped and a bit dull. Unlike Batman begins. I absolutely loved Batman begins. But my personal favourite out of the trilogy is the dark knight rises.

Anyways, back to the rant. DC then continued to produce poor quality superhero movies in my opinion such as the green lantern, superman returns and man of steel. I think those movies were “ok”. But nothing as good as Batman. Then we had Batman vs Superman appear. And they just changed the game. I mean I fell in love with them all over again  It was dark, cinematic, great story line. And an overall fantastic feature.

But then the critics came along and whined about how dark it was bla bla bla. So after DC took the hit from the critics. They decided to reshoot suicide squad. I remember watching the first trailer and getting goosebumps all over, thinking this is definitely gonna be an R rated movie. But after the reshoots, and the music they added and turning it into this whole happy sort of bad guy movie. It just wasn’t the same anymore.

DC being at the mercy of critics. Justice League looks like is gonna be another suicide squad. A bit better though. The trailer itself says it all. All  you see is Rock music and some jokes. I mean,do you remember the first trailer of BvS? The first suicide squad trailer?

I only dream that I get to watch another DC movie as good as Bvs.



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