How much weight will I lose if…

If I eat 1,800 calories how much weight will I lose?
Will your smoothies make me thin again?
I’m traveling next week, what smoothies of yours do you recommend to have a summer bod?
Will smoothies and exercise make me lose 10 kilos in 10 days?

Question I always get.

My answer always: ” Everyone is different. I can’t give you a number, or how many calories you need to lose X amount of weight. It depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, age, sex, activity etc. So how about you try ….. for a while and see how you feel and then you can take it from there”.

Most people HATE that answer. They need a quick fix. They need someone to con them. Someone to tell them HERE YOU GO, HERE’S A FAD DIET. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY PLEASE. Its comforting in a way. It assuring that maybe they’ll lose 10 kilos in ten days. I instead advocate they try some of my smoothies plus give them a sort of food program that I do and has been working for me very well. But quick fixes are still the best sellers.

I could easily double my profits if I promoted my products as weight loss products. Life transformational etc. But I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I just wouldn’t.

Here’s what I advise every human being should do for optimum health.

  1. Sleep:Sleeping for Less Than Six Hours May Cause Early Death. Enough said ( research the rest)
  2. Movement: Moving the body is one of the best ways you could heal it. Movement = healing. Keep healing yourself. Take walks, runs, yoga,jogs, cycling, lift, swim, do martial arts. Just move man.
  3. Real Food: What’s real food? Anything you eat, take one good look at it and ask yourself, “is this real food? Is popcorn real? Is this colourful candy real? Is it? “ I have written a lot on whole foods, read a few of my older posts.
  4. Faith: Because faith can bring you peace and faith moves mountains. Faith. Try it sometime.
  5. Love: Surround yourself with loved ones, cut the rest. See those who make you feel warm inside, those are the ones you spend the most time with. It’s as simple as that. And please love yourself too

I don’t go deep today. I don’t have the mental clarity and time to. But I hope this post helps you find what you’re looking for. At least partly.

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