10 things I learnt from Wafa Obaidat

I’ve had known Wafa for sometime now. It was always through business though. She was one of my smoothie customers. She was basically the one coming up with the recipes. I was just blending them for her. But recently I’ve gotten the chance to interview her and met her at her Obai & hill headquarters. I feel like I know her now on a more personal level. It was an absolute blast meeting her and I felt uplifted after our meet. Here are 10 things I learnt from her:

  1. She doesn’t take things personal: I remember the first time she called me to place an order ( I doubt she’ll remember this ), she needed some sort of detox smoothies and didn’t want any bananas or mangoes. So I told her how sad she was for not having those 2 amazing fruits in her life. I literally told her ” I feel sorry for you for not having mangoes and bananas”. Now bare in mind I didn’t know who this person was. I later felt bad about talking to a customer like that. She then laughed it off and continued working with me anyways. She has thick skin and that’s how you make it when you’re in business. She acknowledged my unneeded sarcasm and made nothing out of it.
  2. She makes business by being there for you:  I noticed Wafa is one to help. Always throwing at you advice and how you could expand, grow etc etc. She doesn’t ask you to use her services but gives you free advice anyways. And that is good business. She doesn’t just want your money ( even if that’s her intention ) . She goes beyond that to give you some tip on how you can make your business better.
  3. She’s an opportunity maker: she reminds me of Jim Carrey in “Yes Man” yes man

    When I approached her about the interview, she jumped right into the opportunity, even though I’m not big time like some of the local and international press that she has received over the years.

  4. She believes in start-ups: Coming from humble beginnings herself. She now has faith in what a start up can become. She always advocates helping out start ups and encourages everyone to be an entrepreneur or to think like one and be resourceful.
  5. She’s a people’s person: She’s always smiling, making sure to be comforting. She treated me like someone she had known for years. That’s not a trait you’re born with. She’s not only a great person to do business with but also a great overall person to simply hang out with.
  6. Her gut is her guide: She doesn’t let naysayers stand in her way. If she did,she wouldn’t have made it this far. Let your gut be your guide my fellow readers, and please shut down all the naysayers in your life.
  7. She hires carefully: All of her team ( Aka as her woman’s army ) are hand picked carefully. She has a criteria of what kind of employees she wants to work with. And they all have character, passion and charisma.
  8. She loves what she does: The growth of her business seems to have to do a lot with the fact that she enjoys getting out of bed and heading to the office. She spews passion into her work. Something she calls “Labor of Love”.  Passion my friends is key in succeeding.
  9. she’s a giver: I went over there and was about to ask her a few questions as she answered. But instead she just took control of the situation and told me everything I wanted to hear.I was blown away. I had no more questions for her. If anything, she gave me more than I bargained for. She’s a giver. And she does it well. By the end of the conversation she asked me to turn the camera back on because she wanted to give advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. I was blown away. And all that comes with experience. Give. And you shall receive.
  10. She’s articulate: Watching her talk was like music to my ears. As someone who enjoys good conversations and has a good ear for beautiful and articulate flow. She scored an A+
  11. She takes up challenges for breakfast: I know I said 10, but I had to write this point as well.Every year she challenges herself by doing some insane feat. This year she’s attempting a 113 kilometres. Let that sink in a little. She’s training for her first Ironman 70.3. And I know that she’s going to conquer that like a boss that she is.

There’s a lot more you can learn from the talented and ambitious Wafa.

Here’s the whole video. 

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