DO we really die?

Let me start this post with this verse: ” Every soul will taste death”

Now that we have established that. We are all going to die. But what does death really mean?
Wikipedia says that its the end of the life of a person or organism. I think that is only partly true. But I don’t agree with the end part. You see end means there is no more of you. But in today’s day and age where everything is documented, social media, videos, news etc. It’s really hard for anyone to end. I’d rather use the term “discontinued”

“Today one of our beloved brothers/sisters has discontinued from their on going services”
It even has a better ring to it. It’s like building a company. You work, work, work, company then decides to go public. Shareholders then think you aren’t suitable for the job and then you are discontinued from working there. But you still built it, founded it and made it what it was. You’ll always have that. And no matter what, history isn’t going to change that.

Is the prophet Muhammad (pbh) dead? Is jesus dead (pbh)? Is Steve jobs, Is Dale Carnegie dead? Is jimmy Hendrix dead? What do they all have in common?

They’re still living amongst us. They’ve just moved on ( an no please God this isn’t a debate about  Jesus (pbh) not being dead etc , he’s merely an example. An example that is no longer here with us ( on planet earth ).

All of those who I’ve mentioned are still being studied, celebrated and in some extreme cases killed for ( or killing for them in their names) . And those are just a few that were in the top of my head. We don’t die. Our soul just exits. Knowing that we have a limited time to work on this huge organisation ( earth ) , I wanna leave behind some wicked stuff for when I’m discontinued. I  want the continued to take what’s left of my discontinued work and feel something.

Feel something beautiful. To build on it. To get inspired. To get spiritual. To get physical. To become a little better. To be a little more human. I hope when I’m this continued from planet earth this post will help someone continue better.


We don’t die. We just move on. What we leave behind stays.

2 thoughts on “DO we really die?

  1. I don’t know how I found this post, but damn you hit it spot on.

    I truly believe the same thing. We never really die off, our souls just move on. I love the word “discontinued” because you’re right we don’t die, we simply move on to the next stage in this beautiful vast universe.

    Looking forward to reading more of your writing and learn from your perspective of the world!

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