The choice

I either write this post or scroll around my phone not really being useful.

Everyday I wake up, I get out of bed. Then get dressed according to what I have to do. I either get ready for work, or put on some shorts to exercise or stay how I was and sleep in a little more. Those are 3 options right there. Three choices right when you wake up in the morning.

After that I go into the kitchen. Blessed to have a kitchen full of fruit, hummus, peanut butter, bread, oatmeal and a blender. I then have to decided whether its oatmeal, raw fruits or a smoothie. Or maybe a pb sandwich. Maybe a  hummus wrap. Choices.

I then get into my car and then have the choice of driving quietly, making a phone call, listen to a podcast/radio/music or dangerously look through my social media while I drive. Choices.

Then I get to work and I have the choice to either get down to work, talk with colleagues, procastrinate doing useless stuff. Choices.

Then I have a lunch break where I get to decided to either eat rice, okra, salads, beans, or rice, lentils, peas and hummus. Choices

Then I have half an hour to think about new upcoming projects, look up new leads, waste my time looking at Instagram photos or post an epic photo myself. Choices

Today while working out. I had the choice of either doing the whole hour or stop at 23 mins and declare ” too tired to push”. I pushed through and that had me going with a smile all day for the rest of the day. Just had to put that out there. :). Choices

I now had a choice to either continue this post or continue watching Narcos. I am faced with choices almost every minute of everyday. And it’s amazing. Every choice we make determines how our day will turn out like. I always prefer to choose wisely and when I do I call it ” The choice”.

Making choices every couple of minutes is hard but it’s an art and if learnt well, oh are we in for a heck of a life.



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