Just think or just move?

I know this girl. She’s a big liar. Not in a bad way. Just in the sense that she doesn’t believe in herself or she doesn’t want to share any of her efforts with anyone else. Not a problem. Just a personal thing. Every class we had I’d ask her if she prepared? She’d answer ” NO! I don’t know what I’m going to do….etc etc” By the end of the class I’d see that she not only prepared but even thought of each and every thing that may or may not happen.

I remember last year’s Ironman where I had done nearly ZERO training for the event but thought that I could finish it and finish it well as well. I failed miserably. I tried to enhance myself using some sort of supplements and that just killed it for me. I thought I could do it though.

I remember years ago when I was thinking of starting my smoothie business. I made a few smoothie samples and started giving it out. That set me in motion. From that sep itself, things began to manifest on its own. Not by thinking about it but by taking that first step.

I remember running every morning when I was in university. I would run just to stay fit and nothing else. I then heard of the Bahrain Road Runners  and signed up for a race. I really just want to take part and finish a running race really.


YEAH I WON A CUP. I had no idea I had it in me to even finish. Now here’s what I had in mind. I though I may not finish. I thought I’ll DNF. I was just happy to be able to make it to the finish line. But I didn’t I won. You see where my mind was and where was I? Two opposites. Who won though?

The general rule is: show don’t tell. In real life, we call this: walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Just as writing the part can be challenging, so is living the part. It requires fortitude. This is known as “character development.”

Saying, “Let’s do lunch,” ostensibly means there will be no lunch. The gesture has been made and in making the gesture, the act of actually having lunch together is moot. The power has been diminished, so why even bother? That’s what makes clichés, when they are often said but seldom acted upon. We know not to take these things seriously and that’s because empty vessels make the loudest noises.

Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have to announce our goals and ambitions to others. Sometimes that’s the one thing that keep us honest and on track. Cause we put it out there, some people hold us accountable and some of us need that. But the whole romantic idea where you are what you think, I think is very misleading and quite frankly destructive and lazy. Thoughts are definitely important, but what are they without implementation? Merely hallucinations.

Action expresses priorities. I read that somewhere. Don’t remember where. But it’s true. Ever since I’ve switched to an action mindset, things have began manifesting and it’s been  beautiful. That’s my experience at least.

What do you think though?


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