I just got off my period

I’m male.

I’m 5’11”

I’ve past my age of puberty ( I think this is as far as it goes , not too sure about that).

I bleed. Don’t we all bleed. Well..unless you’re


Apart from him, I think we all pretty much bleed!

I didn’t bleed in that area. so take a chill pill. All I’m doing here is stating facts. Almost every month I kid you not, or every other month. I get into this phase for a couple of days, maybe even a week or two when it’s really bad.

I’m a pretty happy dude overall. I mean, I do mostly work I love, surrounded by people I love and make time for other stuff I love. ” So what’s with the mood swings you little *****” That’s just me talking to myself out loud.

After several of those phases, instead of just giving completely into them and being sucked into my unknown misery. I looked around me. I looked at men I know. I saw if there were any mood swings I’ve noticed. To my luck, some of them had it pretty bad.

One of my ex bosses, is the moodiest people I know. 5 days a week he’d come in with a long face to work, being irrational and just being a complete power trip douche bag. And around once a week he’d show up with smiles, compliments. It was scary. After seeing the other him, you’d think he’s on blue crystal.

Then I began to notice more men and how they all had mood swings. Most more then women. So this is what we go through: Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS). It’s official. We have man periods.You see now why men can be little whiney babies.

They even made a study and some of the men described themselves as suffering from man periods would spend an extra £81.53 a month (about $124.72) on purchases to satisfy their food cravings than men who do not.

IMS is characterized by depression, anger, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, lethargy, low libido, and confusion, which “can wreak havoc with a man’s closest relationships.” BOM BOM BOM

I was going to end it with ” So ladies, have mercy at times”. But could you imagine the kind of reaction they’d get? Now they also have to deal with us having our periods?
I mean if I were a woman I’d probably tell the dude writing this article to please grow some b***

The End



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