The evolution of words

I remember back in the day when words we all commonly use now were banned from using at home or were considered offensive.

With time some words have evolved into almost everyday words that would be used in today’s context. Now let me start with words that I remember using  that weren’t offensive and are now offensive.

I remember as an innocent little boy in school I learnt that “ass” meant donkey. Now ass means your rear end apparently. Also, dick is a name. Specifically one character in our school’s book was named Dick and every time anyone would say it I’d have to grin. Even if I didn’t want to but if felt like I had to. ” Dick woke up early morning”  *grins* ” and went to the store” . ” When Dick found out that..” * Grins again *

But now to get down to the slightly technical part.

Words have its ways of evolving. Mostly to the worse. It evolves when enough of us decide ‘cool’ means ‘hot,’  that’s when change happens.

Here are just a few words that have been abused.

Literally: literally sucker punched Leena and ripped out her heart when she misused the word literallyLiterally!!!

Hyperbolic use of the word literally is becoming an accepted practice (just ask Merriam-Webster, who seems to be going soft, if you ask me)

Like: And she was like, wow. I like that. Another fail. I just use it to get me out of a stutter, can’t imagine why it’s common for ordinary people. Like I just don’t get it.

Unique: That guy I met the other is “kind of unique”. The word unique isn’t so unique anymore. It used to be an absolute which meant one of a kind. But in the 1800’s its meaning became diluted as people started to use it to mean unusual or uncommon. And to make matters worse, they started adding modifiers such as prettysomewhat, and kind of. How can something be kind ofunique? You can’t kind of be one of a kind. Either you is or you ain’t.

Those are just some of the words that hit me as I typed this.

Words change, they modify ( mostly to the worse) and we have to adapt to this millennial of lazy slang words

Peace OUT yo!

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