Do I have to agree with you?

They looked me in the eye and told me. ” You’re wrong”.

I’ve finally given up and caved. I said “okay”

You’re right. But I’m not going to do it. They still didn’t like that. I remember living most of my life having to agree with the status quo. I just agreed with it. I didn’t really think much about it. I just happened to say “yes” or ” no” when it was required of me ( Rarely, but I tried )

But now I say NO. I don’t think you’re right but let’s agree on that. It’s just not that easy. When I think of disagreeing with somebody I always think of myself first. Would I want someone meddling in my affairs and telling how to run things? . So I simply back off. I just listen and listen and then I listen some more.

It’s very interesting when you sit back and actually hear the whole story versus attacking per paragraph. At times it mind boggles me what the other person even has to say. I just sit there in “awe”. Thinking “really? WOW, I can’t even give you anything” . However, there are those times where you really listen, put yourself in their shoes and really dig deep into what they’re saying. You my not agree with it but you get it and you have to let them walk their walk.

After all, we all feel differently, we all have different needs, likes and dislikes. We are not all on the same journey. Whatever I think works for me may not even comprehended by the other party. The simplest example could be dietary lifestyle. A lot of people in this community cannot even fathom what it means to eat the way I do. Extreme? Not to me, but to others it is. On the other hand I may think that a finishing a pack of cigarettes a day or eating food like substances are extreme. But to others it’s not.


That’s when I learnt to judge less and keep to myself. I don’t need anyone shoving opinions down my throats ( especially when they think they have the ultimate solution and its their way or the highway)

The other day I was having a conversion with someone and they told me how food must be only cooked and eaten a certain way. Any other way would be ¬†blasphemous . You see this person grew up in a place where other food varieties weren’t options like we do. They don’t have Chinese, Italian, Mexican food options. All they know is the food they have. So telling someone who has eaten the same meal, the same way for 40+ years to try it in a different way is complete insanity. You just can’t disagree with them, so you treat them gently and let them cook the only sacred way they know.

We are blessed with the internet and I am blessed with living in such a multi cultural country where I meet people from different walks of life. I try and use it to my advantage. It’s very tiring walking around thinking ” Oh, poor him. How pathetic. I feel sorry for.. If they only knew how life would could be better etc.” It’s too much to carry around in my brain. I need to empty space for better brain waves to come.

My opinion is that having an open mind, being accepting of others, trying to put your self in someone else’s could be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and your community as a whole.But who am I to say, you can disagree with me.


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