Someone somewhere, but unknown!

Somewhere, sometime ago a very influential person said to himself “Hey, I should do it this way”.

Somewhere else ( or maybe even the same place ) a rich person who was liked by a lot of people ( probably hated as much ) who owned half a country did things a certain way.

On another day he got together with his friends and decided to cook a meal a certain way. The whole tribe he was with liked it ( or were just suck ups) and then every time they’d meet they’d cook the certain dish in a certain way. And that was that. The tribe then decided this was the best and ONLY way to cook this dish.

One fine day some lawyer in the 17th century I think decided to get rid of his lice infestation, so he shaved his head completely. Being quite wealthy, he bought a wig. He kind of liked how it looked so he decided to wear it everyday. And suddenly his friends loved it too. Since they could afford it, they all decided to buy a bunch of them and that was when it became a status symbol that only the rich and educated could afford.

I remember I had a driving test in 2008. My first one ( I failed it 3 times ). So I went with shorts on. I have never worn shorts to driving school but for some reason wore one on test day. As I entered the officer told me you can’t enter like that. As I look beside me a woman wearing a shorter skirt than my short and was ready to go. I asked him, what about her? He told me “shorts are not allowed”. I also think that for this specific law  a group of suit/thobe wearing men had a nice chat while having tea, and one of them suddenly stood up and yelled “Men shall not wear shorts. But skirts….” Silence”…….Women shall wear”. Everyone else staring at him and they all yell “YEAHHHHHH”. NO SHORTS  NO SHORTS  NO SHORTS  NO SHORTS. ONLY SKIRTS  ONLY SKIRTS ONLY SKIRTS ONLY SKIRTS ONLY SKIRTS .

And that was that.

My point is this. For cultures to cultivate, someone had to have started doing it first. Someone with power, money and influence. You see, it’s almost never the poor or the middle class that will come up with a trend or a new habit that millions will follow blindly. Who are these people and why should we follow them? And why is only that considered correct? So many questions. But again, my point is that someone somewhere out there had to start doing something and we simply followed. I do not tend to live this way.

This post was inspired by something I read on one of my buddy’s Facebook post. I read it and it just got me thinking. Here’s what he wrote, ” What if I told you that you aren’t the one who adapts to the environment; you change it.”

What if?  What if you simply have a better way? A better alternative? A better solution. What if I told you THIS isn’t the ONLY way.

What if I told you: ” You don’t know why or what you’re doing? ”

What if I told you that, you could think a little for yourself. How would that make you feel?

It’s a scary thought I know, but once you hold on to it for a little while, you’ll feel liberated and you will be criticised to death.

God speed my readers. God speed.

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