First impressions are invalid.

I met him and he was the nicest person I have ever laid soul on.  We then ended up not talking a year later. He has one of the smallest minds I’ve ever seen. It’s not a box. It’s just a small piece of cardboard. A mind should be like a box that just keeps picking up things. Good things, not garbage.

I almost strongly disagree with the first impression is the last impression quote. Almost. Sure, I get that it may work in a job interview where you almost only have 1 shot at it to make a good ( and usually fake ) impression. But job interviews are so full of s****. They’re outdated.

It’s usually the Narcissist who gets the job because of their manipulative character.  People reading this are probably thinking that they nailed the interview fair and square bla bla bla. Let’s move on to another topic then. ( Let’s make the interview one a whole other post shall we )

I met this incredibly happy person, she had a smile of an angel. Now, we call her the devil wears Nikes. One day we were all running in a group and this happy person had her headphones on, so one of the runners began to strike a conversation with her and apparently she sped up. I didn’t think she sped up, I just thought he slowed down. I caught up with her and said “hello” and then she told me  ‘don’t talk to me while running.’ No one spoke to her again and neither did she. But she wore Nikes the day that happened. She also had a t shirt that wrote ‘Smile because you’re alive’.

I once hated this guys’ look. He just didn’t feel right. Something about him didn’t just feel right. It was probably the side burns. It was so 80’s. Probably a bad person. He’s now one of my best friends and we get along just fine. I now wish I could grow side burns. Or even grow any kind of decent facial hair. But this is easier though. I shave once every 2-3 months. And that’s only because my face ends up looking like an unorganised mess. I have one of those faces where people either hate or love.  Point being is that it took us a few hangouts to get used to each other. Not everyone has that instant charm and most who do from my experience are the ones I’ve had the worst experiences with.

I’m so bad at first impressions and I can’t help it and sometimes it takes more than a few impressions to actually understand that I mean no harm. I’m working on my filter, but the reason is my filter isn’t very great is because I think everyone will understand and no one will be offended. But everyone must be politically correct at some point and I can be so politically incorrect it hurts. So, I now stay quite and smile. Some people hate that, and that’s their first impression. I can’t help it.

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. Because I know I’ll need benefits of doubts.

Please give me 4 more chances.


It’s hard. It’ll take time.

Just like anything it’s a muscle.

I’m struggling with this post in case you didn’t notice. But how would you notice anything? You’re on the other side, and I’m here. I’m writing and writing and writing. And you’re just reading. I wish I can be you for now. It’s comforting.

During this beautiful train of thought flow that I was having, I had to pause to put the baby to bed.  I’m now kind of lost but shall continue regardless. I hope you understand that this post is probably going nowhere but its going somewhere.

You know how body builders are big? They start lifting weights, they then rest it and repeat. But not only that. They have to keep changing things in order to keep getting bigger. They need to mix it up. You know how professional cyclists ride up mountains like its a flat road? They started riding with training wheels and then moved up to just 2 wheels and then…….then ended up to where they are.

It takes time.

Enjoy it. Embrace it. Be present.

I signed up for the 70.3!!

This was one tough weekend for me

Friday we had the 15k running race where I raced hard. It was training for me.

Then today Saturday there was a 2k race swim simulating the ironman swim course.

Here’s an announcement: I’m doing this year’s Ironman 70.3 which is in 22 days!!!!!

I signed up a month ago. I had no former plan of actually doing the race but after support from a close friend I decided to go all in.

Now, last year it was a bit of a disaster. I  DNFed.But last year I was in a bad spot. I was depressed, pressed for work and just not the best time overall. This year on the other hand I’m in a better place. A better mindset and just a happier person overall.

Still have a lot of things to figure out and one of those things are how to tackle this 70.3 the best way I possibly can. I train around 5-6 hours a week on average. I work 12-15 hours a day on average and in between all of that try and live life. I have been training very efficiently and effectively and so far the results have been pretty good.

The 15k race proved I had some guns in me and today’s swim also proved that I can swim along and finish in a decent-ish time. Now I will not say how good this plan is or even compare it those putting in 10-20 hours a week ( Yes, people do that when training for a 70.3 or Ironman ) until I actually do the 70.3.

Goal for Ironman 70.3 2016 is:

  • Finish strong
  • PB ( I hope)
  • and have a hell of a good time.

To be continued.

My experience in the Women’s bathroom

I saw it. I was in it. MIND BLOWN

Using the women’s bathroom is like disney land for me. But the forbidden version

A lot of men fantasise of what it would be like in the women’s bathrooms.  Women on the other hand don’t really think at all about the men’s bathrooms and if they do, it’s not a pretty image.

I really had to go.

The men’s bathroom was occupied. I had a class to go to. The coast was clear and the women’s bathroom was staring me right in the face


Do I hold it, suffer, and keep my students waiting? Or do I do the unthinkable and heard towards the light?

Light won.

I go in really quick and close the door behind me fast! I stop and look around for a second. It was even brighter. It had this great aroma that the men’s bathroom lacked. It even had a shower which I think was a bit odd. But it had a shower.

I stop and stare at everything. All the details, all of the rainbow like energy in the air raiinbow

I then walked out of it and went into the men’s room.

The power of food

I’m in love with food. In love with the endless options and opportunities.

Food has the power to heal, destroy, adjust mood swings, make you pause and grin, and just make your life a little better. And maybe even a lot better.

Yesterday I was offered a home made bar made with all homemade ingredients and Himalayan salt. I kid you not, I have never had  to pause over a bar. But this bar made me stop and moan like a dumbass and make funny faces, saying things like “oh, man!” and taking deep breaths before taking the next bite. Food can do that to you. And that’s amazing ( Thank you Muneera, if you’re reading this 😉 )

As I grow older, food has become one of the finer things in life. I no longer eat food as I used to. Sure, from time to time I view my foods strictly as fuel. But most of the times I simply enjoy tasting, combining and experimenting. Especially converting traditional fatty unhealthy foods into healthy devouring dishes.  I see some people drool over unhealthy dishes or dishes that make no sense at all. And I just don’t get it. Even my favourite food of all. FRUITS. Even fruits cannot be combined in a non sensical way. A simple example is, you cannot combine watermelon with bananas. That is just a no no.

Melons are suppose to be eaten solo. It’s a delicacy of its own class. Same with certain pastas, stew and rice dishes. I love learning about food combining and to test out foods. Sure I don’t eat a lot of kinds of food and people think its restricting. But I see it as an opportunity to be creative and expand even further with the “limited” food that I eat. To expand and enter a world of unlimited possibilities. I’m going on a rant here and this rant is making me hungry.

Food is something we think about almost 90% of the time. It’s something we can all relate to. We gather around it. If you really think about it, food is a one sure way of connection. Wanna impress anyone. Introduce them to an incredible dish. Want to start a conversation, ask about a certain restaurant and you have a conversation. Food in 2016 is the single most important topic we should all be learning in depth about.As much food options that there are, sadly there is also an abundance of food that isn’t food. And it’s the most accessible and affordable kind in today’s reality.

This picture below isn’t real food and most people don’t know that



Start educating yourself and start eating from the earth. Have more picnics, together around food that makes you feel like a 100% before,during and after the process.

Let’s eat more of these foods and less of the above




I truly believe food is the answer to world peace.

The power of community

I have failed miserably at my writing streak.  I don’t even know where I stand at it. I didn’t bother checking and I won’t check, you can check if you want though. 

All I know is that this post will mark, my failure. And that is absolutely beautiful. With every failure it carries a beautiful seed of an equal or great benefit. And I believe that Ellen said it best ” When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.”.

I took the risk of saying that I’m going on a writing streak. I took the risk of failing. It was a high risk and I couldn’t be any prouder. Some failures are worse than others. In other aspects of my life I always measure risk and like it to be right in the middle. A 50% is pretty good, anything higher than it better be a pretty important risk that has a hell of a return.

Risk on self development is where I usually aim for the sky. I have nothing to lose at ALL. All I have is gain, gain, and gain. Sure others may doubt me and think little of me for not sticking to what I said I’ll do. But hey, that’s life and people will talk regardless So do you’re thing and set unrealistic and crazy goals. Why not? Life’s long. Live it dangerously. Now that I’m feeling all high spirited. I must say that this boost in morale is due to community.

A dear old time friend of mine on Facebook posted, how about a 45 day challenge till the end of the year? Let’s challenge ourselves and make a good habit out of it while we’re at it. If you know me, I always say No to such challenges. I’m more of a lone wolf when it comes to work, self development and challenges. But I have failed, time and time again. I needed something fresh. This beautiful soul put her self out there and created a group where we all get to challenge ourselves till the end of the year. Now, that’s power.

I jumped right in and took the opportunity. I really needed to write. I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed unclogging my brain, I’ve missed being controversial, I’ve missed getting messages from people thanking me. I’ve missed all of that.

And thanks to her. I am writing again. Thanks to her a group of people are exercising, eating better and excited for their new and improved lives. That is what community is all about. Empowering, encouraging and engaging with one another for the greater benefit of our selves and society.

Thank you for making us do something that we wanted to do but lacked initiative.

You probably needed the motivation yourself though.