The power of food

I’m in love with food. In love with the endless options and opportunities.

Food has the power to heal, destroy, adjust mood swings, make you pause and grin, and just make your life a little better. And maybe even a lot better.

Yesterday I was offered a home made bar made with all homemade ingredients and Himalayan salt. I kid you not, I have never had  to pause over a bar. But this bar made me stop and moan like a dumbass and make funny faces, saying things like “oh, man!” and taking deep breaths before taking the next bite. Food can do that to you. And that’s amazing ( Thank you Muneera, if you’re reading this 😉 )

As I grow older, food has become one of the finer things in life. I no longer eat food as I used to. Sure, from time to time I view my foods strictly as fuel. But most of the times I simply enjoy tasting, combining and experimenting. Especially converting traditional fatty unhealthy foods into healthy devouring dishes.  I see some people drool over unhealthy dishes or dishes that make no sense at all. And I just don’t get it. Even my favourite food of all. FRUITS. Even fruits cannot be combined in a non sensical way. A simple example is, you cannot combine watermelon with bananas. That is just a no no.

Melons are suppose to be eaten solo. It’s a delicacy of its own class. Same with certain pastas, stew and rice dishes. I love learning about food combining and to test out foods. Sure I don’t eat a lot of kinds of food and people think its restricting. But I see it as an opportunity to be creative and expand even further with the “limited” food that I eat. To expand and enter a world of unlimited possibilities. I’m going on a rant here and this rant is making me hungry.

Food is something we think about almost 90% of the time. It’s something we can all relate to. We gather around it. If you really think about it, food is a one sure way of connection. Wanna impress anyone. Introduce them to an incredible dish. Want to start a conversation, ask about a certain restaurant and you have a conversation. Food in 2016 is the single most important topic we should all be learning in depth about.As much food options that there are, sadly there is also an abundance of food that isn’t food. And it’s the most accessible and affordable kind in today’s reality.

This picture below isn’t real food and most people don’t know that



Start educating yourself and start eating from the earth. Have more picnics, together around food that makes you feel like a 100% before,during and after the process.

Let’s eat more of these foods and less of the above




I truly believe food is the answer to world peace.

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