My experience in the Women’s bathroom

I saw it. I was in it. MIND BLOWN

Using the women’s bathroom is like disney land for me. But the forbidden version

A lot of men fantasise of what it would be like in the women’s bathrooms.  Women on the other hand don’t really think at all about the men’s bathrooms and if they do, it’s not a pretty image.

I really had to go.

The men’s bathroom was occupied. I had a class to go to. The coast was clear and the women’s bathroom was staring me right in the face


Do I hold it, suffer, and keep my students waiting? Or do I do the unthinkable and heard towards the light?

Light won.

I go in really quick and close the door behind me fast! I stop and look around for a second. It was even brighter. It had this great aroma that the men’s bathroom lacked. It even had a shower which I think was a bit odd. But it had a shower.

I stop and stare at everything. All the details, all of the rainbow like energy in the air raiinbow

I then walked out of it and went into the men’s room.

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