It’s hard. It’ll take time.

Just like anything it’s a muscle.

I’m struggling with this post in case you didn’t notice. But how would you notice anything? You’re on the other side, and I’m here. I’m writing and writing and writing. And you’re just reading. I wish I can be you for now. It’s comforting.

During this beautiful train of thought flow that I was having, I had to pause to put the baby to bed.  I’m now kind of lost but shall continue regardless. I hope you understand that this post is probably going nowhere but its going somewhere.

You know how body builders are big? They start lifting weights, they then rest it and repeat. But not only that. They have to keep changing things in order to keep getting bigger. They need to mix it up. You know how professional cyclists ride up mountains like its a flat road? They started riding with training wheels and then moved up to just 2 wheels and then…….then ended up to where they are.

It takes time.

Enjoy it. Embrace it. Be present.

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