First impressions are invalid.

I met him and he was the nicest person I have ever laid soul on.  We then ended up not talking a year later. He has one of the smallest minds I’ve ever seen. It’s not a box. It’s just a small piece of cardboard. A mind should be like a box that just keeps picking up things. Good things, not garbage.

I almost strongly disagree with the first impression is the last impression quote. Almost. Sure, I get that it may work in a job interview where you almost only have 1 shot at it to make a good ( and usually fake ) impression. But job interviews are so full of s****. They’re outdated.

It’s usually the Narcissist who gets the job because of their manipulative character.  People reading this are probably thinking that they nailed the interview fair and square bla bla bla. Let’s move on to another topic then. ( Let’s make the interview one a whole other post shall we )

I met this incredibly happy person, she had a smile of an angel. Now, we call her the devil wears Nikes. One day we were all running in a group and this happy person had her headphones on, so one of the runners began to strike a conversation with her and apparently she sped up. I didn’t think she sped up, I just thought he slowed down. I caught up with her and said “hello” and then she told me  ‘don’t talk to me while running.’ No one spoke to her again and neither did she. But she wore Nikes the day that happened. She also had a t shirt that wrote ‘Smile because you’re alive’.

I once hated this guys’ look. He just didn’t feel right. Something about him didn’t just feel right. It was probably the side burns. It was so 80’s. Probably a bad person. He’s now one of my best friends and we get along just fine. I now wish I could grow side burns. Or even grow any kind of decent facial hair. But this is easier though. I shave once every 2-3 months. And that’s only because my face ends up looking like an unorganised mess. I have one of those faces where people either hate or love.  Point being is that it took us a few hangouts to get used to each other. Not everyone has that instant charm and most who do from my experience are the ones I’ve had the worst experiences with.

I’m so bad at first impressions and I can’t help it and sometimes it takes more than a few impressions to actually understand that I mean no harm. I’m working on my filter, but the reason is my filter isn’t very great is because I think everyone will understand and no one will be offended. But everyone must be politically correct at some point and I can be so politically incorrect it hurts. So, I now stay quite and smile. Some people hate that, and that’s their first impression. I can’t help it.

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. Because I know I’ll need benefits of doubts.

Please give me 4 more chances.


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