How I can now fit in time to write. 

This post is predominantly for me. I’m writing this to remind myself about how I can write almost every single day without having the excuse to not write because of time. 

I was thinking about this superpower machine I’m holding. It’s a smart phone. Doesn’t matter which one. Cause they’re all smart. Some a little smarter than others but all smart. And all can type pretty much flawlessly. It does autocorrect too. 
I remember I started making videos with my iPhone 5. I was so proud of myself. At first I didn’t do any editing at all. I would hit record, talk/perform and upload. All from my phone. I thought I’d never ever learn how to edit. It seemed impossible. I don’t have the skills. Then I found out about iMovie for iPhone and that pretty much changed my life. I don’t edit on my phone anymore. And my story now revolves around my edit. It’s funny how I didn’t know a thing about editing and it’s editing now that helps me tell a story. I have to stop typing now because my break time is over. 
I’m back now.
 I think we should make do with pretty much anything we have. I’m going to use this smart phone to start writing again ( typing ) and go back to something I love. 
Start with whatever you’ve got.
Note to self. 
I’m now going to post this on the WordPress app


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