Here’s to another 10 minutes. 

As I write this, I think about all of the free time I have in my hands. It’s minimal. But I still squeeze in 10 minutes every now and then. 

How much time did I spend not working on my craft?
I’ve always wanted to write more, read more and so on. I always thought I didn’t have time. I don’t know how true that is anymore. Sure I can’t go on a reading or writing spree. But I can do a little of it.
Sure I can’t run 60 mins a day. But maybe 20. 15? That’s something. Sure I can’t cook all of my healthy meals at home. 



Sliced fruits?

Nut butter sandwich? 

Avocado and hummus sandwich? ( My favorite go to) 
I now look at all the time have spent not doing the little things that make me a little better.
My break is over.

I feel like a better human being for writing this,

I hope you get something out of this.

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