How to do something you have to do or need to do or want to do

I picked up the phone. Looked at the screen and typed in some words. This is it. This is what I’ve written. How easy was that? 

These days I feel like I’m programmed. I just do. I don’t know how good that is but I do know that’s it’s something. It must be something. It’s building a momentum, I can feel feel it. Over 10% of 2017 is over and I feel like I’m in a good place.
How to start something.

I’m sure many people research that! You just start. Just start now. Tomorrow. Next week but not further. Or else it’s too far away. I waited 30 days. I began this momentum in February. Didn’t want to start in the new year when everyone is pretending to change. I had to wait. I’m just like that, I look at the herd and move away from it. 

It’s tough. But we all know what happens to sheep. They either get turned into wool, get butchered or get a song dedicated to them. And after all they do. It’s a about a black sheep. 


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