Coffee and allnighters 

I rarely have coffee. Rarely. But when I do it’s some strong coffee that tastes good. But leaving you with that bitter coffee aftertaste we all like. I usually like it to start with off with a wave of sweet delicious flavor such as caramel or mocha, transitioning into mild coffee flavor and then ending with the bitter part. I also prefer my coffee cold. Preferably double blended. Not so much of an iced coffee person. I feel like iced is a scam. Daylight robbery. A little bit of coffee with a whole lot of ice. You either have two choices.
1. Drink it quick and experience great coffee that’s not cold or warm. And it’s half the amount you actually ordered. 
2. Sip it slowly, and have it transition to coffee flavored water. 
Iced coffee comes with a lot of tradeoffs. 
Anyways, today was one of those days where I have coffee. Coffee = all nighter. 
I sometimes have the most post profound nights and today was also one of them. Here’s what I do when I have difficulty sleeping or get myself into it by drinking coffee in the evening. Oh, and it’s always a large size (Venti, meaning 20. I had to google that. Venti in Spanish means come. Didn’t have to google that ) 
1) Entertainment/education 

I almost always look into something that will entertain and educate me. In my case it’s either reading or film. I lay in bed with a smile while doing those. 

2) Writing

I feel like writing down thoughts or just literally projecting whatever is running through my brain will help make me feel better. And we all know how much of a genius we all suddenly are when it’s 3 am. 

3) Stretch

We have a small carpet next to the bed. So I try and discreetly crawl out of bed and start doing positions I never do in public. It feels so good and gets the blood flowing. 

4) Breathe

I focus on my breathing. I start to think of how wrong I breathe all day and so start a rhythm of deep in and out of breaths. I do it sometimes with my eyes closed. They say it’s good for you. I smile sometimes as I do it too because I picture myself breathing like that all day and it looks ridiculous. So I smile. 
Most of my all nighters are usually disasters. But I’ve noticed that every time I do the above, it turns out to be a really productive all nighter. 
It’s prayer time now. It’s 4:54 am .
Over and out. 


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