The hardest thing I’m doing now

This is probably one of the hardest things I have to do. It’s probably even harder for you to read.

I have been away from the writing scene for a while now. Here’s the thing though, I write everyday. I take a lot of notes both mental and literal ones. I just haven’t had the heart to post. It’s like being away for so long and coming back to a home that’s now foreign.

Try living in the Philippines for a year and see how you feel when you come back home. You’ll be missing the s*** out of your telenovelas. But I’m back and as foreign as this may be, I just have to take the leap of faith and post again.

Every time I quit something I love for a bit, coming back to it is the hardest thing. But if I don’t come back, I’ll die. I’ll die with regret, sorrow and loss. The child inside me ( the innocent one ) tells me to ponder, smile and write more. The other children are all outside of me.


So before I die of emptiness I’ll start writing again consistently, that way I can live and die happily.

To life and death.


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