Why running is the worst possible sport for you.

We have all read the stories and seen the before and after picture of amazing weight loss transformation

Sure. It’s possible. But in the process you’ll probably get injured a dozen times before reaching your desired weight. You see, we have evolved. We are not designed to run anymore. We have taken our body, abused it by keeping it idle for years, sitting on desks for hours, driving cars, and sitting on our asses socialising at restaurants for leisure.

So now that we have grown out of the whole caveman physiology and moved into the businessman/woman physiology. Running is going to destroy you. Most people walk wrong let alone run. So when we’ve been sitting down for 20 years and then decide to up and start running, you’re in for a surprise my friend. The body we once thought would carry our sorry asses through a marathon ( or even a 5k ) has now been demolished and will hurt us in the process.

We hurt it first. We let it go. We neglected it. We injured its very purpose and now its payback time. You’re likely to get knee, back, neck and all sort of odd injuries you’ve never had before. And of course in our minds running is the culprit.

So now that we’ve gotten running out of the way. What can you do for weight loss or to start running again.

Walk. Get your body acquainted with moving again with using its feet for over 20 minutes. While you’re at it, stay aware of posture. Stop walking like you’ve got something stuck between your legs. Unless you have an injury here’s the ideal way to talk.

  • Toes pointing forward
  • Back straight.
  • Shoulders up ( Imagine stabilising a parrot on your shoulder while you’re walking. Do not drop Paulie)
  • Chest up
  • Back straight

Its going to hurt. I myself struggle to always walk right. I blame no one by myself. But I’m working towards to it and first thing that helps is self awareness. So before you start running, walk. Walk for at least 3 months, then when you’ve fixed your posture and positioning throw in a short jog. Walk jog walk . But the difference is that you’re doing it right and the chances of injury is now minimal. Time to get the body ready for what it was suppose to do.

I have written about running before and how we were designed to run. Key word being were. This post is about how we have amazingly evolved through that. Strength and body workout is also a great hep in strengthening the body before we decide to run as well.

I will be writing more on this topic, but for now this is it.



One thought on “Why running is the worst possible sport for you.

  1. While you raise a point about how the body gets damaged due to wrong posture for a per longed period. I still believe that the human frame is so well structured that it can still perform what it was capable of. However, an adjustment process that involves proper conditioning and body toning can go a long way in reverting the damage… interesting writing as usual…

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