What I do when I turn insomniac

Insomniac was the name of my band in high school. Funny

I’ve become a little of an insomniac recently. I can’t point one finger at why exactly but I do know that it’s multiple factors and I’d be stupid to say I didn’t know why or how to help myself.

I truly believe that we all ( or most of us ) know how to solve our problems or at least know solutions and we all know our problems. You rarely really need a shrink to tell you what’s going on inside YOU. ” Rarely”   but some of us could do with the guidance.  I know I could.

The problem with guidance 

It’s very rare also that you have someone truly guide you. They either don’t know what they’re talking about or they don’t want you to succeed and in some cases they have their own agenda for you in their lives. For example if my wife tells me she wants to go to school or pursue a new passion. That’s not exactly good for me, is it? Enough of side tracking, this makes for another interesting post. 

So how do I feel good about being an insomniac?

Not so bad because  I do cool stuff! 

I read. Just research stuff that’s on my mind. The randomest stuff. Like when is Tom cruise making another Jerry maguire like movie? Or why are kids tiny? 

I learn. I learn about writing, making films, being a better human being etc. it’s really amazing that we now have a mini computer at our palms at all times! Amazing 

I don’t feel sorry for myself. Instead of kicking and screaming about why I can’t sleep, I take the opportunity to indulge in a little quite time which is rare for me. And it feels good. I take a moment to acknowledge the silence and darkness. 

I turn my phone to night shift mode


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