A private chapter in my diary you may read

I want to write for those who struggle to write due to lack on inspiration. Those who struggle to train due to lack on inspiration. Those who don’t “do” due to lack of inspiration.

I am now sitting at an Italian restaurant about to order delicious food. I just need to write this for you. Ok, I am lying. I need this. It’s for me but you may be part of it.

Here’s to writes block, to laziness, to sadness and stress. But mainly to the unknown. We evolve through all of that and NEVER. I mean NEVER evolve through peace of mind, ease, and a stress free environment. I salut you all. Do what you can, but more importantly bleed. Bleed as much as possible. Cry for lost time, lock yourself up, yell in the bathroom and take a good hard look at yourself because every second counts.

Be as hard on yourself as you are easy. That’s the best way I can sum this post up.

This post is for me. Thank you for reading a very private chapter in my diary.


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