My DNA of not giving a s***

Everyday for the last few years I have practiced compassion. I’ve come to realize that it’s a muscle like any other.

I’m a little envious of people who are naturally compassionate. You see, I really don’t give a s***.

I don’t. And like many other things it isn’t in my control, it’s something I have to work really hard on. 

I was at the height of not giving a s*** in junior high and high school. I just didn’t care about anything or anyone. Didn’t really care what people thought of me, of how my family would react to my low grades, I just didn’t care about much. It felt carefree. 

Fast forward to 2017 all these quotes about not caring and bla bla is really something. I never understood how people had to try not to care. It comes naturally to me. I dont think I’m a bad person. The ones close to me would agree. I’m easy going, have an open mind and speak it too. 

I’m now in a good spot where compassion and not caring come together beautifully.

I simply care about what needs to be cared for and whatever bothers me or means nothing to me, I drop like a hot potato straight out of the oven. 

Why am I writing this?

Emotions need to be practiced that’s all. Caring, giving, unselfishness is all something that not all of us are born with. 

And not everyone is born with not giving a s***


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