I am no angel but I speak like one.

She told me to stop talking because it would make her cry.

I quickly rectified the situation and told her that the whole point of this discussion was to comfort and not sadden. 

I have come across a lot of people who are holier than thou and they aren’t very likeable. I don’t think I’m holier than anything or anyone, I’m impure and I know it. But does that mean that I can’t tell other how shitty it is to be shitty. And how the opposite of that feels great and that I my self like it but I’m not necessarily always like that.

It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s humanity. It feels so good to be human. When a smoker strongly advices other not to smoke, that’s humanity. When a dishonest person preaches about how good it is to be honest, because it gets hard playing catch up, they knows it’s the better part of them  saying that. When a thief talks about an honest living, know that their money isn’t blessed and that its causing misery, hunger for more and chaos. When an addict talks about addiction and how to get out of it, they’re taking firstly to themselves. When an overweight person tells you to back off the fried food, it’s a reminder of whats feels right and how the human body is ideally meant to feel. 

Let’s not mistake humanity with hypocrisy, and I want people to be more human so that’s what I look for. 

Hi, I’m human. Nice to meet you and you are?



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