The good guy part 1

He sat there across from her.

She went through his resume, taking her time. He looked up and didn’t dare look around. He kept a smirk. It was her to maintain but he wanted her to see a friendly smile when she put down his paper. The smirk was getting harder to maintain.

He was overthinking the smirk now, his jaw muscles were beginning to hurt. His face was vibrating now. He had to put a straight face now. He was now doing a ghost face to stretch out his face and relax the muscles.

She looked straight at that. He went straight back to the smirk. A moment of silence…

” So tell me about yourself ”

He was relieved and finally started talking, and talking and talking. He was desperate and she knew it. She preyed on such targets.  She told him how amazing the job is and how he would be a perfect fit.

She suggested he come and try out the place and see how he felt. He did for a few days and he absolutely loved it.

( To be continued )


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