Why it’s hard to support local businesses ( even if we want to )

Today I had a meeting with a local business. We were discussing future collaborations and video productions. So we started speaking about a local business, let’s call it X.

He asked me if I have been there and I said no but I heard that they’re overpriced. Then we got into how we’re all meant to support local businesses but we can’t as much as we like if they keep charging the way they are.

Most local start ups opening on the island have now become infamous for their pricing. Sure, they provide a great service but come on man.

This is an argument you basically cannot win. So I won’t get into the depth of it all but it’s basically local businesses also stating how expensive it is for them, how they gotta stand out, their products are picked from the north himalayan yada yada.

I get it, it’s tough being an entrepreneur. But you don’t need a 150% profit on your merchandise. I may be exaggerating and, but maybe I’m not.

So I’m going to enter this discussion from a consumer’s point of view. I’m a consumer just  like how most of us are and I can only spend so much on product X or let me rephrase I only want to spend so much on product X. So when I look around and see better options for lesser prices, baby I’ll drop the whole ” think local ” like a hot potato.

You see, I want my dollar ( dinar ) to count as a vote. I do. I want to support all of my local buddies and help make this world a better place. But when my dinar gets taken advantage or becomes of less value. That is a problem. That is something us consumers cannot take and will be forced to continue feeding corporations that under cut you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How do you think that makes us feel?! Pretty shitty, but how do you think our bank accounts feel when go all local and end with up Zip. Pretty shitty too dude.

Now, I don’t know what the solution is for that but what I do know is that the majority of us want to support our local businesses. A majority of us want to create a change, a majority of us want to light up a beautiful bonfire and sing Kumbaya while leaving our local businesses happier.

Maybe a 100% profit isn’t the way to go?

How about 10% ?



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