Love or extremism?

I see love all around me but what does love really mean?

It’s pretty hard to analyse. There are no accurate measurements, there are no devices that give you an estimate and there are no rules. I mean real ground rules. Just a bunch of rules someone like you and I made up. And it probably made them a good amount of money too.

But there’s one thing I’ve come to conclusion of. Extreme is bad. Not always and not about all things. I believe its good to have your extreme doses or your extreme seasons because extreme can breed some beautiful qualities. But too much of that and you have yourself a problem of quantity over quality.

I find doing extreme things for periods of times really helpful. Like a 30 day challenge. A 100 day challenge even, heck a 365 day challenge. Its very subjective really, so you be the judge of whatever number suits you. Or how long you can go till you lose grip or sanity. Then it becomes a little bit of a psychological problem.

Just my thoughts for the day about extremism. Nothing great ever came from balance in my opinion. Good yes, but great?

I don’t know

Side note: This post was supposed to be about love but as I was writing, it pulled me to a whole other direction. I have made a note about the points of love, I hope I one day get to reveal it.