I’m grateful for my urine.

I woke up one day and I thought to myself, hey!

I’m ok. I mean, look I’m breathing. What now?

I got up, I could feel everything from the ground up. I went into the bathroom and urinated pain free. As I was urinating I couldn’t help but think of Tom Hanks in the movie  The green mile where had a bladder infection and had to take ages because he had to urinate in such agony. Imagine taking every piss with sheer pain and having to pause to take a deep breath. Then I also remembered the character Hyman Roth from the Godfather telling Al pacino “Corleone ” I’d give four million to be able to take a painless piss. 

I was done for the day. I had enough happiness and content in me to keep me going for the next entire 12 hours. But as time passes you forget, because it becomes ” normal ” and what’s normal you don’t appreciate anymore. So I came home for my lunch break and opened the fridge to find bread. That’s all I had. Bread, and water from the water dispenser. I remembered how James Franco’s character in 127 hours ” Aron ” would drink his piss in order to survive while his hand was stuck in a rock. Then when cut his hand off and got out, he saw a brown puddle of water and drank from it like it was heavens juice.

I looked at that dispenser with deep emotion and looked at where I was. In a kitchen. A kitchen of my own, I was able to make decisions. I was able to move around. I was able to not just survive but had a luxury “option” of thriving if I wanted. I’m in my full form with no deformity ( except for 2 slight numb fingers on my left hand, the index and the middle to be precise but it’s all good )

I am a man full of riches and I piss pain free.

What am I taking the piss for?


The man who reached his peak

He’d hit the snooze button or at least think it was the snooze button.

The thing with smart phones its that isn’t easy to snooze, the buttons are too small, the whole damn phone is slippery. By the time he’d hit the snooze, he’d be up on his feet already jumping around the room looking for the snooze. Only to then unlock the phone and start looking for the alarm off slide.

He’d be walking around sleepless but happy, and always trying to savour the moment of ” the now” . He had 10,000 followers. A 100 of which were active followers. He wanted so much more. He wanted 000000 figures.

One day after his snooze fit, he’d check his accounts and saw an absolute blast. Something finally hit it with him. Finally.

He then no longer had to wake up as early, no more snooze attacks, no more 100 followers. A 100,000 active followers and he just said the word, and he had it.

That was when his soul died. The peak had killed his soul.

His journey had ended and he forgot why he was doing it all along.

What do with life when you are unsure

What should you do when you’re unsure?

Do it all.

Let me elaborate. You don’t have that many options and you can’t be the CEO of Pepsi right about now. So maybe it’s best if you start doing whatever opportunity you have and that will not give you some income and experience, but it will show you what you’re made of.

Doing everything will give you a sense of who you are, what you can do, what you like, don’t like. Do it all

Be a cook, a dishwasher, a journalist ( you may need qualifications for this one )

I’m not being very specific but I’m hoping people reading this do get the idea.

Whatever your industry is or whatever industry you desire to be in, that’s where you should be rolling in.

If you don’t know where, what, how and who, then make a list of places you’d work for free. Things you’d do for free. Now you have an idea of where and what you would do.

Go get em tiger.

One thing that really gets to me

You ever heard of personal space?

Maybe that’s not the right word for it. It’s more meddling. Yeah, meddling.

Meddling into one’s affairs is maybe one the dumbest and easiest ways to really and I mean really get under my skin. Especially when it comes to the work place or when I’m on the job ( some kind of job ).

It’s usually people with the highest position who feel they have the right to get into anyone else’s business. It’s like me hiring a bloody interior designer and tell them how to do their job.

Or going to a banker and telling them the best way to give out a loan. Or telling an Italian pizza maker how to throw his bloody pizza up in the air

I truly believe that we all have something to offer and learn from each other. We do.


If you’re going to hire someone to do a certain job that you think you can do better. Please don’t hire them. Just don’t. Especially in the creative field.

All I can think of now is bloody Joe Pesci

joe4 joe3



How to ( almost ) never be wrong

Today an event occurred, and it involved a lot of conflict, a lot of finger pointing and a whole lot of miscommunication.  It was mainly miscommunication. I wasn’t involved first hand but I was a party to it in some way.

I then wondered how this could have been avoided. How to stop it from reoccurring.

The only way it would have been ok is if one party would have done absolutely nothing and surrendered to the other. Which got me thinking, is that how someone can never be wrong?

The answer is yes ( almost , there’s always someway you could be wrong )

To always say yes, to never question, to never try, risk or attempt. To stay on the safe side of life and avoid any or all kind of conflict. To be walked on and to never have an opinion. That’s how you’ll never be wrong.

Just walk around, do as you’re told, be a good lad and die a rightful death.

The only thing you would have been wrong at is ” Life “.

It’s a hard one but I’ll be damn sure to make it a worthwhile one.

God bless and Goodbye

What shouldn’t keep me going

I don’t know how to start this post. But I do know that I need to post it and fast.

There’s so much I want to do in the next hour.

I’m posting this for me. This is a very selfish post but it may help you. It may help you in the sense that you may gain a little insight, knowledge or get your next “aha moment ”

I stopped creating or doing things I love because of external forces.

At the beginning when I started writing, doing creative video or even photography. I did it because I was just so happy, thrilled and wanted to share what I’ve done with the world. But like anything, with time, the path gets a little blurred up, people get tired of seeing you create and you become old news.

When that happens, you usually start to drift away into thin air, thinking you’re not good enough.

Today I commented on someone’s beautiful witting ( who was inspired by me to write, I’m humbled ) on what a great job she’s doing, she commented graciously and mentioned that feedback is what keeps her going. As true and amazing that that is, that is just bad for business. Well not business, but your internal passions and creativity.

We do what we love because we have some sort of energy inside us that make us create or do. What made you start that hobby, start playing that musical instrument, learn a language, start reading, dance, art, gym etc.

If you’ve started any of that for some sort of external validation, then a reevaluation of thyself is in order. Sure there’s a little external part involves, I mean come on, but it cannot and I repeat be the major reason that made you start that, or else. You will fail within time or you will not rise up a certain level.

My name is Hady Elcott, and I’m writing this out to the world wide web because I need to.


Where’s all my money going?

This has been an interesting time for me. It really has.

I’ve never been able to make as much money, and spend as much, I almost want to type lose, but that would be an incorrect statement.

So where is my money going?

Something that happens to a lot of us. The more we make, the more we spend, but with me I feel like the more I make the more responsibility I’m beginning to take over. Or because of the responsibilities that have been bestowed upon me, I’m therefore unconsciously making more money in order to carry these responsibilities with grace ( -ish )

I need to start writing everything down and see where lies the mystery. It’s a little surreal the amount of checks I’m cashing in a month vs the amount of bills that are being billed to me.

Noting down stuff from next pay check on out!

How to stay true to yourself

What does that mean? The title of this post?

Think about it. Some would say, stick to your values, no matter what, don’t change who you are and and and …

But values do change. I mean sometimes it’s necessary. You change values to become a better human being, to serve the planet, to be a better you. Values are nothing you need to stick to if they’re not working out for you.

But here’s a better guide to how you can be and stay true to yourself.

When ” you “  choose a certain path in life. A certain value if you may. A road less travelled. Remember why you did that. Remember why you chose it, and if it was for the wrong reasons then please don’t stay true to who you are. But if you pause and remember why you did it, and smile on the inside a little and remember those good ol’ virgin days of pure bliss then please continue.

Sometimes I start something new and then as time goes by I forget why I started this whole journey, then I begin to loathe what I do. So, I look back and realise I have lost the essence of the journey. I have turned it into ego maybe. Into something that I have to show off, or something that I’ve let other people dictate. Or even made it part of my identity that I have to do so much in order to maintain. But when I remember why I started, I rip it all off again, and smile on the inside.

I do it because I’ve always wanted to. Because it made me happy. Because It was right. Because it makes other happy. Because it completes me in a good bright way.

To staying true to the path because you don’t exist. The path does though, oh yes it does. You see, the path will remain but those are on it shall perish while the path will get longer and lonelier.

How often do you get hungry?

I spend half the day talking about food. So do you.

It’s either what to eat, where to eat, what you ate and the list goes on.

And a pretty common one is ” I am hungry ”

But how hungry are we really? Are we really hungry? And also, how often do you get hungry? Today was the first time in a long that I actually ” felt ” hungry. To my surprise it felt good. How messed up is that? The messed up part isn’t that I enjoyed being hungry, it was that I enjoyed because it was a rare and sort of unique experience.

I really want to start eating more intuitively. I want to be connected man. I want to be in tune with my body, my brain, my gut. This is the beginning of a beautiful chapter. Eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m satisfied.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t do it. YOU don’t, ok. You just eat according to time, boredom, and social gatherings.

I don’t even want to start on how grateful you and I are, and how wasteful we can be.

God, I’m beginning to get emotional now. Time to sign off.