Dear reader

Dear Reader,

What is so important to you?

What do you most crave? What do you most desire? What do you most want out of life?

Whatever that is, you will not achieve it.

I’m sorry but so is life. You will not.

Because as you read this, you know that you’re not doing what’s meant to be done, and you are not putting in the hours, effort, sacrifice and effort.

This is a sad reality. But the sooner it hits you, the sooner you can let go of that hopeless dream in your little head.

The sooner you know it is unattainable, the sooner you can get back about to your business.

Dear reader,

Please know that you are not bound for greatness. You are not special, and you are not different. You are just like everybody else around you. And that’s ok. You are not a bad person, but you are what John Lennon calls ” A dreamer ” . Most people would wear a t-shirt with dreamer written all over it, and that’s ok, because that’s all you are. Nothing wrong with that.

Dear reader,

You are very unlikely to win any lottery in life and if you do, you will also probably end up where you are now. Easy come easy go if you know what Freddy Mercury and I mean.

Dear reader,

If you are insulted, disgusted or annoyed at this sad reality, then please do something about it. If you are, I applaud you, If not, you are not a bad person. It’s ok.

Dear reader,

Thank you for reading .

How to avoid emotional breakdown in Ramadan ( or ever )

This post is about this month of fasting, but it can also be applied to any other months.

The reason is regarding Ramadan, well it’s because it’s that time of the year, you know.

My brain is currently fried and my eyes cloudy but this is the challenge so let’s get started

  1. Do not overreach, and by overreach I mean do not set up a ridiculous goal like finishing the Quran 3 times in a month, exercising every day before breaking the fast, or whatever. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Baby steps and you’ll make it. Sure having a lavish goal is awesome but always think of your circumstance, environment and surrounding. Don’t overreach.
  2. Avoid certain human contact. Ramadan is a time where you meet all kind of odd creatures that live amongst us and who aren’t familiar with keeping it together without nicotine, caffeine and crack ( aka food ) Just gently walk away. Here’ s a short story. At the supermarket cashier counter my brother was paying for something and the guy behind him nudged him with his trolley once, then twice and then a third time. My brother then looked at him and told him to please be patient, you hit me more than twice with your trolley. The guy told him  ” Yes, I did ” My brother received his change and simply walked away. Now I don’t know how he did that but he did the right thing. And there was a good reason that I wasn’t there to witness that, a very good civil reason for all of us. Just avoid any road rage, any disgruntled employees and of course your lovely family members that haven’t had their hit yet.
  3. Sleep and hydrate. In order to cut this post short, here’s a 2 in 1. Prioritise sleep over entertainment. Drink enough good liquid that you’re urinating clearly at least once.
  4. Eat well. Be strong, look past the deep fried food, the buffets, desserts and only listen to one thing. Your beautiful fine tuned body. Once it says ” I think I’m alright now. If we stop here, I’ll be able to breathe without discomfort ”  That’s your cue

How the holy month has been somewhat turned into the unholiest

All societies have a bunch of bulls*** values and concepts that are blindly passed on from generation to generation.

The holy month of Ramadan is a holy month that society has swallowed and chewed it out back alive. Ramadan has become synonymous with festivities, lights, food, tv shows, late nights, hookah, cards, hang outs, vimto, binge eating, samosa, board games and apricot puree.

That’s right.

We have taken something sacred, pure and holy and turned it into Islamic Vegas. The only difference is that nothing stays there. It’s all shared on social media for all to see #Ramadan #Ramadannights

Now don’t get me wrong. There are good folks out there who make the most out of this sacred and beautiful month. And this is no way removing me from the equation too.

The problem is that it has been ingrained so deep into society that it’s almost impossible to not have to adapt to it. Unless of course you’re surrounded by complete religious monk like people, then yeah Ramadan is a whole different picture. But I’m talking big picture here.

I’m talking media, the restaurants, the invites, the get togethers till the crack of dawn, the board games. I’m talking mainstream and not secret society Ramadan which is what it’s supposed to be all about.

I’d say the most important thing about this month in 2018 and onwards would be self awareness, acceptance and doing the best you can.

Ending this one with a cheesy quote, ” Where there’s a will, there’s a way ”

I love this month 🙂

God bless and happy fasting ( For those of you partaking, and if you aren’t. Give it a try )

Do Ramadan for you FIRST

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re alive and well.

Which means that you have the opportunity to do a little good in the world and to do the most good in the world, you need to do what’s best for you first. Take care of you.

Ramadan is all about you. Mainly. Not completely.

Let me illustrate.

This is basically a month of sacrifice where you do what you do for the greater good.

For God, for the less fortunate ( refraining from eating or drinking till sunset to experience what others go through all day, everyday ) and for us.

But if we don’t have the will, the energy, the drive, the belief and the motivation. We will not do any of that.

The will to do good comes when you’re feeling at least a little good about yourself, without energy nothing in this world happens. The drive, the incentive, the motivation must come with a reward. And the reward is huge. Not just in the afterlife but in this bitter sweet ideal of what we call a life too.

Just google the benefit of fasting. Just google how the more you give you get, the more you receive, just google how meditation and prayer is powerful. The answers are all out there.

Do this for you first. The rest will follow.

Happy fasting.




When was the last time you sat down?

When was the last time you sat down? Sat down and relaxed ? I bet that was a long long long time ago. I’m sure you’re always sitting down. But are you really?  

Are you “just” sitting down? Ha? Answer me!!

That’s ok, you probably aren’t. 

You and I both know that at this point of your life it’s very difficult for you and I to stay still, focused and just sit down. 

What we think is “‘productivity “ and “ multitasking “ is actually hindering our abilities to get sh** done .

Can you sit still for 10-15 minutes without doing absolutely nothing? 

Can you use the potty without distractions ?

Can you read for 10-15 minutes without reaching to your phone and looking at unimportant bullsh**?

Can you be on your phone for 10-15 minutes without switching apps?

Can you have an uninterrupted meal?

If yes, then I applaud you.

If no, then I ask of you to start sitting still and getting things done. Do your brain a favor.

The fact is that this kind of distracting multi-tasking not only gives you fuzzy thinking, poor creative production, sensory overload, neurotransmitter depletion and chronic stress, but it’s also downright dangerous.

You simply won’t thrive and survive if you’re always distracted by what you’re going to eat for dinner, how you’re going to respond to an e-mail or when you’re going to schedule a meeting. So focus on one task at a time, and be mentally and physically present, especially when it matters most – such as during a workout or when you’re devoting time to your family or children.

Plan wisely for the future, but live in the present with a clear head.

Good luck, it’s really tough. This is something I work on everyday. 

sit zain

See how my friend Zain is presently sitting with absolutely nothing in hand. Just a smile. Strive for that


I often take time off to ponder and wander about life. Mine in particular.

Where’s it at? Where’s it going?

You know the big life questions

I usually need some space, and some slack.

I dread time off, it leaves me inadequate, leaves me feeling empty inside and it usually shows on the outside too.

But boy was I wrong.

Usually when I take those little zone outs, I come back to my self feeling more energized and ready to take on even more work.

Still learning that everyone is different and that I have to embrace who I am, how I function, and how I’m wired.

Just as long as I know on the inside that I’m doing my level best and moving forward emotionally and physically.

Moving forward 🚶🏼

When should we show off

Showing off and ass kissing have become synonyms. But there’s a time and place for them though.

But there’s also a time and place for being authentically us. Or else who are you?

And in the true words of Jackie Chan, “ Who am I ? “

The reason to show off a certain skill, character trait or cockiness is necessary at times because it involves either your livelihood, ego and/or may involve a few brownie points. We’ve all done it and will continue to do it if we want to better our positions in life.

Now. When we overdo that, it becomes very very messy. Same goes when you don’t do it at all. There are times where you shouldn’t show off at all though.

Like, when doing a nice thing. A good thing. Something you’re doing out of kindness. There’s no need to announce it.

Like visiting a sick friend or family member at the hospital. No need to tell it out loud to the whole family EVEN when it’s going to win you brownie points.

It’s just my opinion. And it’s 3:15 am.

My opinion should be taken with a grain of salt from hours 12-4 AM

Movies I hated but now love 4/4

This movie I remember very clearly watching it in the movies when it first came out.

The cast was just too big for me to miss. I remember it was an afternoon. The movie had basically only 4 people in it. I was still in university. I must have been 19-21 at the time.

The movie was awful. I didn’t enjoy it. It made no sense. It did have a few funny parts but the ending basically just killed the whole movie for me.

I left it feeling unsatisfied.

I watched a while ago, and oh my God did I love it. It was funny, satisfying and not long enough.

It’s funny how life teaches you certain elements you’ll never understand unless you go through them.

Life isn’t a one directional road. Life has ups, downs, lefts and rights. And usually doesn’t have an ending that makes sense. How many people do you that have passed away that made sense. Life, man. Life.

Who better to portray that in a movie than the Coen brothers. This movie is an adult movie for sure, and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 8 years later I find myself enjoying something I loathed.

Movies I hated but now love 3/4

I still remember seeing it the first time. It was… odd.

It didn’t make any sense to me. It stuck with me though. Like a bad memory that slowly fades, you’re just left with the memory. No details.

So recently Netflix put it on their list.

I watched it. I had to. Turned out, it was one of Carrey’s best work.

I just loved it. I mean ” Wow ”

What a story. Who comes up with this stuff?

Oh right, the French man does

Michael Gondry.

You mad man.

In short, it’s about memories, experiences and what if’s, how’s and whose.

It’s a trip.

If you’re watching it, enjoy the trip. If you already have, pay it another visit.


Movies I hated but now love 2/4

I was never such a big fan of Star Wars.

Sure I enjoyed watching episode I when it came out and 2 and 3. But it wasn’t anything I was crazy about. Years later at the current job I have.

I meet Ayman


Now this guy considers Star Wars some sort of religion, which I found odd.

He sat me down and explained the way he viewed the movie. It blew my mind, then I wrote a post titled:

6 Reason you should watch Star Wars

Click on it and find out WHY

I just since then grew to love the heck out of Star Wars.

I watched episode 4,5 and 6 just last year.

Still haven’t watched 8 though.