Dear reader

Dear Reader,

What is so important to you?

What do you most crave? What do you most desire? What do you most want out of life?

Whatever that is, you will not achieve it.

I’m sorry but so is life. You will not.

Because as you read this, you know that you’re not doing what’s meant to be done, and you are not putting in the hours, effort, sacrifice and effort.

This is a sad reality. But the sooner it hits you, the sooner you can let go of that hopeless dream in your little head.

The sooner you know it is unattainable, the sooner you can get back about to your business.

Dear reader,

Please know that you are not bound for greatness. You are not special, and you are not different. You are just like everybody else around you. And that’s ok. You are not a bad person, but you are what John Lennon calls ” A dreamer ” . Most people would wear a t-shirt with dreamer written all over it, and that’s ok, because that’s all you are. Nothing wrong with that.

Dear reader,

You are very unlikely to win any lottery in life and if you do, you will also probably end up where you are now. Easy come easy go if you know what Freddy Mercury and I mean.

Dear reader,

If you are insulted, disgusted or annoyed at this sad reality, then please do something about it. If you are, I applaud you, If not, you are not a bad person. It’s ok.

Dear reader,

Thank you for reading .

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