10 reasons being part of a crowd is good

The crowd. We all want to be a part of it and we simultaneously don’t .

It’s a really funny thing. We spend half our lives trying to fit and the other half resisting fitting in and then we die.

I think you should always be part of the crowd, I think the crowd is good. I think with the right crowd, you’ll be a better you.

  1. We are social beings, we thrive on each other’s energy and existence. Being a part of a crowd helps you have a sense of direction and more importantly belonging.
  2. Care and love. Who are you going to care for and more importantly how are you going to be cared for or feel a sense of recognition if you are not part of a crowd.
  3. Opportunities all come through the flow of people. We need each other, anyway we grow is through empowering or feeling empowered. How can you not do that if you aren’t part of a crowd?
  4. Support systems are key. Support systems are what helped me make it out of very difficult situations in life. The good thing about those systems is that you can always keep modifying them. You can change, exchange and discard. So create a beautiful support system of great humans that will only bring the best out of you.
  5. You don’t want to die alone. Even if you have a family of your own, families grow, move out and change to create crowds of their own. Family is overrated when it comes to support systems. They’re great, don’t get me wrong. I love families and the whole idea behind it but they shouldn’t be your only support system rather part of a support system.
  6. You get to create in a crowd. Create futures, art and a lot creativity. The creative juices are always better in groups, just google ” brainstorm”. It should be called brains storm
  7. You get free therapy when you’re in a crowd. You get to laugh you problems away or maybe even talk about them, but the important thing is that you’re in the right crowd that’s elevating your soul and enriching your life. Or else modify 
  8. Compete, contrast, compare and continue forward. In a crowd you can always be checking yourself, comparing yourself and sharing constructive criticisms. It’s something you can measure up against. Be in or create a crowd that are always moving forward , talking ideas and push each other closer to the edge.
  9. Lower chance of heart disease dude. Your heart is a fragile thing that pumps blood and does a whole of miracles. So keep it in check. According to science friendships extends life expectancies and you get to not die with a failed heart. OR at least not as soon as that other guy who isn’t in a crowd.
  10. You will be less lonely when you’re part of a crowd. It’s always nice to know when there’s someone or more that are willing to go through thick and thin with.

I want to end this by stating the obvious.

Use your best judgement. Not all crowds are healthy, create one that inspires you and be open to the universe and all it has to provide.

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group of people enjoying music concert


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