A few things I wish I learnt in school.

By this time I had already broken my other leg. It was around a year or so apart. I always get lost with the timeline, but it was around then.

It was the second time I had a cast on. I was 10 or under.

The first time I had a cast on it was excruciatingly painful.

And I mean excruciatingly. Two weeks in and the doctors realized that my leg wasn’t placed in the right position in cast. So they had to remove the cast, twist my leg to position and put on a second cast. I screamed throughout. My mom cried silently but not discreetly, she was holding my hand

After the cast came off I walked a little awkward. The second time around I walked really awkwardly. I wish school would have intervened.

Most people back, neck, leg and foot problems due to wrong shoes and walking in an absurd way. It’s not our fault, we weren’t taught that. Now my dad tried to tell me but I didn’t listen. I didn’t believe. One authority figure isn’t enough. It takes a village you know. Imagine if schools would teach out how to walk? Crazy right?

Something as simple as walking we struggle with. We struggle with posture, positioning and overall alignment. Why aren’t we taught any of that?

I remember clearly one day in the shower I had a big a belly. I’d slap it around from time to time. I was 12, 13. I really wanted to impress girls, be strong and have rock hard abs. Every day after school I’d come back to do push up and pull ups until I was sweating. Others weren’t too motivated to impress others like I was. Can you blame us? The food they sold at school, and the weight everyone was putting on was fine. It was a very personal matter.

Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol weren’t though. I wonder why the drugs they’d feed us wasn’t a violation too.

All of us in school absolutely loved being taken to the video room to watch a movie if ever. That was very limited. It was done very sparingly and I really felt like the teachers didn’t like taking us just because we were having a good time. Maybe one of the few times I’d behave in a class. Imagine if educators used what we love to our advantage. Like art, film, sports, cooking, creating and discussing to their advantage?

Oh and by the way Mrs. Agitha, this is the 5,475th day I don’t use simultaneous equations.

and it’s been around 3,300 days that I didn’t photosynthesise any plant for safe keeping.

In class I remember lying through my teeth about what I’d do all day. Our teacher curiously asked me, ” What do you do all day at home? ” She wondered why wasn’t I getting anything at all done, despite the complaints, the warnings and threats about repeating the year and telling my parents on me etc. After she had met my dad and to her surprise found out¬†that¬†everything I said to her was a lie, she didn’t bother to ask me ” How are you ? ” or pretended to even care. But that’s not her job though so who cares. I just wish it was someone’s job at school to ask us about our emotional well-being.

Isn’t school what’s supposed to prepare us for the real world?


I want to do more of this

It’s February and I don’t want to force anything but I really want to write over here more.

For various reasons.

One being that I feel like I can bring something a little different to the table. Like maybe I can make a difference, I don’t know.

Last month was pretty long or has at least felt long to me. It’s been like 31 years.

Imagine what eternity feels like? Scary thought.

But now that we are passed 2018, I can look forward to the month I was born in.

I quit my full time job in November to pursue my passion at the moment. The reason I say passion at the moment is because before this I thought my passion was teaching, and it was for a really long time. 10 years, that’s a decade. A tree grows in a decade, man. Some kind of tree, I looked it up.

But that passion has swayed away, and I’m now a filmmaker man!
Wow, even typing that feels incredible. So what does than entail?

Well, I create films. I make make commercials, photoshoots and even video logs. I try my best to incorporate cinema into everything I do. I really do. I also occasionally write scripts and direct them too.

I believe I do things a little differently. I don’t do a lot of fancy shmancy slow motion stuff. Sure I do it from time to time but I like to focus on story. Story is everything I’ve got. Story is everything I make it about. Everything else helps enhance the story. But what’s the story about?


We are a beautiful story, we are all cinema and cinema is us. We get to choose our genre, name it and make it beautiful with colors and what not Black and white are also beautiful colors. I think without black, other colors would not exist, but that’s debatable.

I’m also a photographer!
I think and truly believe that anyone who does video work should do photo work. When you combine the two together, boy does the world make a lot more sense.