Love or extremism?

I see love all around me but what does love really mean?

It’s pretty hard to analyse. There are no accurate measurements, there are no devices that give you an estimate and there are no rules. I mean real ground rules. Just a bunch of rules someone like you and I made up. And it probably made them a good amount of money too.

But there’s one thing I’ve come to conclusion of. Extreme is bad. Not always and not about all things. I believe its good to have your extreme doses or your extreme seasons because extreme can breed some beautiful qualities. But too much of that and you have yourself a problem of quantity over quality.

I find doing extreme things for periods of times really helpful. Like a 30 day challenge. A 100 day challenge even, heck a 365 day challenge. Its very subjective really, so you be the judge of whatever number suits you. Or how long you can go till you lose grip or sanity. Then it becomes a little bit of a psychological problem.

Just my thoughts for the day about extremism. Nothing great ever came from balance in my opinion. Good yes, but great?

I don’t know

Side note: This post was supposed to be about love but as I was writing, it pulled me to a whole other direction. I have made a note about the points of love, I hope I one day get to reveal it.



Why it’s hard to support local businesses ( even if we want to )

Today I had a meeting with a local business. We were discussing future collaborations and video productions. So we started speaking about a local business, let’s call it X.

He asked me if I have been there and I said no but I heard that they’re overpriced. Then we got into how we’re all meant to support local businesses but we can’t as much as we like if they keep charging the way they are.

Most local start ups opening on the island have now become infamous for their pricing. Sure, they provide a great service but come on man.

This is an argument you basically cannot win. So I won’t get into the depth of it all but it’s basically local businesses also stating how expensive it is for them, how they gotta stand out, their products are picked from the north himalayan yada yada.

I get it, it’s tough being an entrepreneur. But you don’t need a 150% profit on your merchandise. I may be exaggerating and, but maybe I’m not.

So I’m going to enter this discussion from a consumer’s point of view. I’m a consumer just  like how most of us are and I can only spend so much on product X or let me rephrase I only want to spend so much on product X. So when I look around and see better options for lesser prices, baby I’ll drop the whole ” think local ” like a hot potato.

You see, I want my dollar ( dinar ) to count as a vote. I do. I want to support all of my local buddies and help make this world a better place. But when my dinar gets taken advantage or becomes of less value. That is a problem. That is something us consumers cannot take and will be forced to continue feeding corporations that under cut you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How do you think that makes us feel?! Pretty shitty, but how do you think our bank accounts feel when go all local and end with up Zip. Pretty shitty too dude.

Now, I don’t know what the solution is for that but what I do know is that the majority of us want to support our local businesses. A majority of us want to create a change, a majority of us want to light up a beautiful bonfire and sing Kumbaya while leaving our local businesses happier.

Maybe a 100% profit isn’t the way to go?

How about 10% ?


Hady reviews IT

I’m not one to write a movie review. But it’s very rare these days that I leave the theatre thinking about the movie hours later and when asked ” How was the movie? ” by my wife It took me back to how incredible the movie was.

I just could not NOT write about it. ( This is a spoiler free review )

So this is more like creative venting so if you happen to read this till the end then Kudos.

Let me start off by saying that I just learnt a lot from this movie. There were some great life lessons packed in there that really got me thinking about life after walking out of the movies. Not many people may interpret it like that.

I’d say most people would just take it as it is.  A clown feeding on children’s fears. But it was so much more. They actually show you the steps of how to overcome fear and how hard it is. How absolutely hard it is. They beautifully show you how the kids go through suffering both internally and externally by their fears. And how fear has the whole town crippled.

Ok let me try and organise this post. Here are the top 5 things I loved about IT.

  1. How to beat your fears : As explained a little above, the main characters ( The kids ) go through some pretty traumatic stuff and the only way to get over it is to face it and make fear, fear you. And what better way to show than in a horror movie?!
    Beautiful. The struggles the characters had to go through in order to face it were unbelievable.
  2. Colors: I  loved the way this movie was colour graded and shot. The movie takes place in 1980’s , being a 90’s kid ( 1990 ) I could relate to so much of the environments, but it was made with a modern touch to it, and beautiful effects. It’s like watching an 80’s movie with today’s technology. Loved it
  3. Gore : The movie sets the tone within the first 5 mins basically. It just takes you by surprise. It’s rare to get surprised in a horror movie ( Not startled, big difference ) . They really pushed the envelope with this one. And I have seen Annabelle, both the conjuring, and they were brilliant movies. But this is one just had a little more oomph to it.
  4. Characters: The characters basically made this movie. I fell in love with each kid in the movie and cared for them half way through the movie. The humour, the emotions, the courage, the difficulties of being different, and of course the stutterer. 5 stars all the way for all of the main characters.
  5. Story: Story is king. In all movies what wins is story. And this is I can easily say is one of my favourite horror movies of all time if not the favourite. The movie was shot so beautifully that it didn’t feel nothing like a 2 hour movie. More like an hour. Maybe an hour and twenty minutes. or even an hour and a half but not 2 hours 15 minutes man! The shots, the visual effects and the characters all came together to make such a beautiful horror movie. This recipe is key for a movie of any genre and to see it put into perfection in a horror movie is just something I took to heart.  Every short movie I make, I always look at story first and how to convey it in the best way possible

At the end of the movie I looked up the director, to see who this genius was. It was Andy Muschietti. I bet you never even heard of him. He has barely made any movies except for a few shorts. AMAZING

I’m going to end this abruptly.

If you’re 18+, can stomach some pretty hard core gore, enjoy a good movie, enjoy horror flicks, then decide no more.

What is bliss?

I don’t  understand a lot of things in life.

And sometimes that’s a good thing. If we were to understand the depth of some matters. It would be depressing, and this is just after finding out that my wife tricked me and got me decaf.

Ignorance isn’t bliss but turning a blind eye is.

The good guy part 1

He sat there across from her.

She went through his resume, taking her time. He looked up and didn’t dare look around. He kept a smirk. It was her to maintain but he wanted her to see a friendly smile when she put down his paper. The smirk was getting harder to maintain.

He was overthinking the smirk now, his jaw muscles were beginning to hurt. His face was vibrating now. He had to put a straight face now. He was now doing a ghost face to stretch out his face and relax the muscles.

She looked straight at that. He went straight back to the smirk. A moment of silence…

” So tell me about yourself ”

He was relieved and finally started talking, and talking and talking. He was desperate and she knew it. She preyed on such targets.  She told him how amazing the job is and how he would be a perfect fit.

She suggested he come and try out the place and see how he felt. He did for a few days and he absolutely loved it.

( To be continued )

What matters

I have 15 minutes to spare. Usually in those those 15 minutes, I spend 16 of them talking non sense mainly, with my colleagues. I want to dedicate 10 minuets to this and 5 to my lovely colleagues.

I’m not exhausted at the moment, I feel good and feel that I’m writing this.

If there’s anything I’d like to give away to myself is this: ” It doesn’t matter how many hours I’m up during the day, but what I do with the hours is what matters”

I don’t have much to contribute in today’s post but that in itself is a huge contribution I think

In exactly 2 mins I will have another post under my blog and for that I’m a better person to myself.


I’m writing for me as well

As I write this, I have 181 official blog posts that are online.

Today is a Friday. It’s August the 25th. It’s 11:04 pm. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It’s nice. Just me, my time, my thoughts and myself. This is the time I have to recharge , the time I have to work hobbies, my films, my writing and my time to put my little baby Sam back to sleep 4-7 times in the span on 6 hours ( 11 pm – 6 am ).

It’s also the time that I stay up, lose brain cells, prolong recovery, stare at emptiness ( most of the time that emptiness is a screen with a lot on it ) and the time I know I’ll wake up feeling sorry I didn’t shut the laptop gently, and crept into my sofa bed to continue. I’m exhausted and drained.

Here’s the thing. I write every single day. I don’t know why I stopped posting. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that writing is part of what I do for a living. But I don’t write for myself. I write for an establishment and for people.

This is also going to be the time where I get to write. Not necessarily at this exact time, I hope I get to write more in the time where my soul isn’t being nourished.

The End .

I am no angel but I speak like one.

She told me to stop talking because it would make her cry.

I quickly rectified the situation and told her that the whole point of this discussion was to comfort and not sadden. 

I have come across a lot of people who are holier than thou and they aren’t very likeable. I don’t think I’m holier than anything or anyone, I’m impure and I know it. But does that mean that I can’t tell other how shitty it is to be shitty. And how the opposite of that feels great and that I my self like it but I’m not necessarily always like that.

It isn’t hypocrisy, it’s humanity. It feels so good to be human. When a smoker strongly advices other not to smoke, that’s humanity. When a dishonest person preaches about how good it is to be honest, because it gets hard playing catch up, they knows it’s the better part of them  saying that. When a thief talks about an honest living, know that their money isn’t blessed and that its causing misery, hunger for more and chaos. When an addict talks about addiction and how to get out of it, they’re taking firstly to themselves. When an overweight person tells you to back off the fried food, it’s a reminder of whats feels right and how the human body is ideally meant to feel. 

Let’s not mistake humanity with hypocrisy, and I want people to be more human so that’s what I look for. 

Hi, I’m human. Nice to meet you and you are?


My DNA of not giving a s***

Everyday for the last few years I have practiced compassion. I’ve come to realize that it’s a muscle like any other.

I’m a little envious of people who are naturally compassionate. You see, I really don’t give a s***.

I don’t. And like many other things it isn’t in my control, it’s something I have to work really hard on. 

I was at the height of not giving a s*** in junior high and high school. I just didn’t care about anything or anyone. Didn’t really care what people thought of me, of how my family would react to my low grades, I just didn’t care about much. It felt carefree. 

Fast forward to 2017 all these quotes about not caring and bla bla is really something. I never understood how people had to try not to care. It comes naturally to me. I dont think I’m a bad person. The ones close to me would agree. I’m easy going, have an open mind and speak it too. 

I’m now in a good spot where compassion and not caring come together beautifully.

I simply care about what needs to be cared for and whatever bothers me or means nothing to me, I drop like a hot potato straight out of the oven. 

Why am I writing this?

Emotions need to be practiced that’s all. Caring, giving, unselfishness is all something that not all of us are born with. 

And not everyone is born with not giving a s***

A private chapter in my diary you may read

I want to write for those who struggle to write due to lack on inspiration. Those who struggle to train due to lack on inspiration. Those who don’t “do” due to lack of inspiration.

I am now sitting at an Italian restaurant about to order delicious food. I just need to write this for you. Ok, I am lying. I need this. It’s for me but you may be part of it.

Here’s to writes block, to laziness, to sadness and stress. But mainly to the unknown. We evolve through all of that and NEVER. I mean NEVER evolve through peace of mind, ease, and a stress free environment. I salut you all. Do what you can, but more importantly bleed. Bleed as much as possible. Cry for lost time, lock yourself up, yell in the bathroom and take a good hard look at yourself because every second counts.

Be as hard on yourself as you are easy. That’s the best way I can sum this post up.

This post is for me. Thank you for reading a very private chapter in my diary.