What tomorrow brings.

I skipped the institute that day and I knew I was going to get in trouble. I just wanted to be out for christmas. Not that I even celebrate christmas,but that was the excuse I gave myself at the time. It was christmas and I wanted to be out and not in class.We all took our chances and all of our parents were called. No one but my parents took this seriously. I remember going to the institute the next day asking,” so who got whipped?”. They all had a very ordinary day. But I felt better already since I was talking about it the next day.

I once injured my foot during a very hard trail race, went back home limping. The next day it was slightly worse, I had to take some pills for the swelling to decrease faster and I hate medication. A couple of days later I felt better.

I once got in trouble at work for leaving early without an explanation. My boss started calling me at 5:15, and I was already at the movies. I finish work at 5:30. I assumed that like every other day I won’t have anything to do so took off. But that one day where I actually took off….Life. I really wasn’t looking forward for the next day. I had to call him after the movie and make up a stupid lie. He told me that he’ll be giving me a warning letter first thing in the morning. I quit that job the same way. I just took off. It was refreshing.

When I sit myself to recalculate how I have been behaving with myself or others, I always look forward to tomorrow. I have hope for tomorrow. Some tomorrow’s are worse than the others, like the time I was expecting a warning letter. But the day after tomorrow was better. And the time I injured my foot, a few tomorrow’s later and it was all good.

They say live in the present. But I at the present moment am not in the best state of mind, or in my best behavior. I am slacking off life at this present moment. I should be producing, but i’m not. So I always look forward to tomorrow. When in pain and in doubt, I think of the sun coming up tomorrow and how much hope, probability and good could come out of tomorrow. So if you’re having a bad day, stop living in the present please and think of tomorrow. Sometimes the present is filled with pain, uncertainty, and total uncoolness.

If today hasn’t turned out to be your day then live for tomorrow my fellow readers. Live for the sunset, that in itself is a miracle happening in plain sight. Tomorrow always gives me hope.


Challenge: 70.3

So tomorrow I officially start training for the Ironman 70.3 which is one month. Yes, one month. So I looked up everywhere on line for a one month training plan and the craziest one was 6 weeks. Yes, 6 weeks and that’s one plan that I had to dig up. I have 4 weeks left. There was nothing out there that even recommended a one most training plan. Here goes.

Can I do it? I mean, truth be told, yes! I could, but it’s not just about finishing, it’s about finishing strong and going through each discipline with confidence and grace. At last year’s Challenge ( half iron distance) I also didn’t have a training plan but I was always swimming, biking and running. I finished in 6 hours and 10 minutes. Not bad for my first ever half iron distance and no training plan.

But this year is different. I haven’t been biking at all and that scares me, Have been barely running and have been mostly swimming ( the smallest fraction of all three disciplines). So am I worried? I’m just confused, excited and a little scared. I’d like to finish in under 6 hours 30 minutes really just because I get bored out there and because I don’t want to be out there for so long. I just don’t.

So here’s what I’m going to do. Train super hard for a month, listen to my body, eat even better and hope I don’t crack. So wish me all luck and I may just keep you posted ( not that anyone should care)


At last year’s challenge Bahrain

Challenge almost accomplished

2 days ago (25th October, 2015) was the last day for my 30 day writing challenge. I then had a 2 day mini vacation and am now writing this. I didn’t write everyday for 30 days but I managed to write 25 posts and that’s pretty damn good! If I didn’t have a challenge then I’m sure that I would have not even maybe written 15 posts.

Not that I didn’t take my challenge serious but at days I was just exhausted and I couldn’t think of anything good to write, and in other days I refrained from writing cause I feared that the topic I had in mind was not very friendly, so I slept it off and waited for the next best thing. But it didn’t happen too often, as I only missed 5 days out of 30. What have a I learnt from this experience? That a month passed by anyways.

But the difference was that I had 25 posts under my sleeve and my writing muscle was beginning to show. I felt more confident writing after day 20. I have something to look back too and say ah! Yes! I can write and I can create controversy. Did writing become a habit? No, not yet. Maybe if I wrote 30 posts then it would have. I don’t know. But for now, I feel like I can stop writing easily and I don’t like that. So since another month is gonna pass by anyway I want it to count again.

I am going to extend my writing challenge to another 30 days, as hard as this may be, I want to do it anyways. I’m just very busy doing stuff. But I still want to write and since writing has become easier than last month, I’d like to add a challenge along side that. Not sure what yet, but I will. I’ll think about something appropriate. Something that doesn’t scare me too much and something I’ll actually look forward to doing. Or else burnout is what’s going to happen. And that is not good.

How’s your month going to pass by? Any plans?