How to make it through an all nighter with a bang

Yesterday I’ve been up for over 24 hours. I even typed half of this post ( which I can’t find anymore ) .

I know I preach a lot of early sleeping, well being etc etc. But because life isn’t this wave of rainbow that we get to predict, we always need to be ready with plan B. No matter what.

So this post will hopefully prepare you for a great day following an all nighter, and/or sleep under 3 hours. *I do not recommend anyone try anything stupid like that though

Now I’m one of those that wake up over the slightest noise, movement or whatnot. And that’s a terrible thing to have unless you have assassins after you, you are pretty much cursed. The other night, the wind woke me up. The wind. Yes, then I stayed up till 7:00 am till my son woke up and that was that.

But I had a great and productive till about 8:45 pm. Here’s how you can too. * oh, also this only works for one nighters that are rare. For those who actually do sleep that little and have frequent one nighters I really don’t know  if this would work

  1. Exercise: as counter intuitive as that sounds, please trust me it works. You get energy from moving. You have better blood circulation and it works all around. I’m not gonna geek this point out but just do it.
  2. Hydrate: That must have probably been number 1, but who cares you’re  basically hungover, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be extremely dehydrated so please drink enough and drink frequently.
  3. Stay as active as you possibly can: Do a lot. Schedule mini meetings, and be outdoors with some sun
  4. Caffeine up : Do some legal drugs in the afternoon, not in the morning. Way too soon. You gotta pace those antioxidants they call drugs. * I didn’t do any coffee yesterday but I would if I felt like I needed it.
  5. Eat frequent but in small portions: do not and I repeat do not eat a big and heavy meal, or else you’re done. I warned you, you’re done. You should be eating very little portions and mostly healthy plant foods to give you the energy you need just to make it through the day. This isn’t the day you get to pig out on Mommy’s supposedly healthy meal.
  6. Nap: If you can squeeze in a mini nap. Do it, life changer.

Over and out.