Why? How? What?

There have been times I ask myself why? How? what?

Most of us have these words stuck in our heads.

Why me? or why am I doing this? Why is this happening to me? Why do I have to do it?

How can I even do it? How to begin? How?

What to do? What do I do with my life? What am I even doing? What does it all mean?

Let’s begin with the ” why “.  Look, the world isn’t fair. The world isn’t gonna give you a hand out so deal with that. Don’t shoulda woulda coulda yourself. If you really think otherwise, write a book about it and name it ” How the world should be ” by ME.

Stop asking the wrong questions, or questions such as why am I here?

I will not give you a religious or spiritual answer to that because to each their own but you’re here to feel. That’s as easy as it gets. To feel and to live and by living that means also being conscious of those around you. You cannot get anything done on your own.

And no one is self made. That’s a lie. You probably worked very hard. You did a lot of things others wouldn’t but you were helped from those around you, that’s a given fact whether your ego accepts it to not. That even goes for Mr. Mayweather the self made man.

So why? Just shut up, feel and do better for yourself and those around you.

How do I do what I want to do?

If you can think it, you can be it. Wrong.

You can only do what you are able to do with the tools and resources that you have.

For example, I think I can be an astronaut because I was told I could be anything I wanted (  I was told the opposite but you know what I mean ). That’s false. I have no science knowledge that could help me get there, no networks, base, or interest. Therefore , a very stupid statement in my head.

The how is answered by simply doing. Doing, doing, doing and doing some more. This goes for everything and everyone. Even unemployed people. You apply, apply, apply and apply some more or break out and apply your skills in an area where it’s needed and make yourself some extra income.

That’s how you do it. Or build up to it. You know the drill. I’ve written about this before but don’t remember when, so ain’t gonna link it.

What? Just do what’s available. Do 1,2,3, jobs. Do them all, then only you’ll know.

Nothing is beneath you and nothing is above you. Do it and you shall experience, feel and do some good.

I hope this was somewhat clear.

Oh, pro tip: If you’re doing and you love it but somedays ask yourself how and why?

Just go to sleep. Sleep on it. You’re just tired.