This is what happens when you ask

It was hard to decide what restaurant to go to because of  prayer time.

It was right in the middle, and it caused a little bit of a havoc if you ask me.

But how am I to intervene in such a sensitive and personal matter, so I let them have a go at it. The plan was to take the class our for a simulation at a restaurant where we get to discuss food preferences, compare restaurants and tastes.

The only little problem was that it intervened with prayer time. A lot of suggestions were made, but all led to delays to the class.

One of them said, how about we just call them and ask if we could pray there? I laughed about and so did a few. The guy took out his phone, looked up the number, dialled it, asked whether they could pray there and got a ” YES “.

It was so easy but felt so hard. He did what most wouldn’t have done and found a solution for a whole group.

Most of us spend our lives in the shadows, just because of how we may be portrayed. Here’s one thing I did learn today. If you aren’t hurting or offending anyone in the process then just please pop the question. Whatever it may be.

Even if it puts the other person in a little of an awkward situation, do it. If anything you’re teaching them to deal with tough questions, so there’s a free lesson. If they can’t handle the question you may end up getting a ¬†” Yes ” which will teach them to handle such questions better next time.

Questions are like honey. So be the money and go for it.

No ask, no give.

Opportunity awaits, you just have to ask a few hard questions that aren’t really hard but we tend to think so.