I’m writing for me as well

As I write this, I have 181 official blog posts that are online.

Today is a Friday. It’s August the 25th. It’s 11:04 pm. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It’s nice. Just me, my time, my thoughts and myself. This is the time I have to recharge , the time I have to work hobbies, my films, my writing and my time to put my little baby Sam back to sleep 4-7 times in the span on 6 hours ( 11 pm – 6 am ).

It’s also the time that I stay up, lose brain cells, prolong recovery, stare at emptiness ( most of the time that emptiness is a screen with a lot on it ) and the time I know I’ll wake up feeling sorry I didn’t shut the laptop gently, and crept into my sofa bed to continue. I’m exhausted and drained.

Here’s the thing. I write every single day. I don’t know why I stopped posting. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that writing is part of what I do for a living. But I don’t write for myself. I write for an establishment and for people.

This is also going to be the time where I get to write. Not necessarily at this exact time, I hope I get to write more in the time where my soul isn’t being nourished.

The End .

Why it pays off to sometimes be an A$&Ho%E

I come to class late and enter the class in fear that I didn’t secure my spot away from the guy who bullies me. It’s too late, I’ll have to sit next to him and be humiliated for 45 minutes. During the next class it’s time to move to another room, I run there quickly intentionally chose the seat next to him. We all stand up to greet the teacher and as we sit down I move his chair back so he falls and we all laugh. I look at him with a smile that translates “How you like me now?”. I bought rings over the weekend, my parents weren’t pleased, especially my father but little did he know that I was gonna leave a mark on someone who has been as ASSHOLE/Bully to me for a long period of time. During break he looks for me and I know he’s looking for me, so he comes over and shoves me, I expected worse. I aim directly at his head making sure the rings make a nice skull voice. We all got parted and I wasn’t bullied by him ever again. I was 16.

Later on in life, ended up getting a job while in university and had a good start with the boss. The thing is I wasn’t getting paid and it’s been 3 months with no salary. I ave gained the boss’s trust by then so ended up using it against him and told him that if I don’t get paid I’ll tell them exactly what you do here ( basically nothing ) and how you use the branch as your own personal game room. I got paid and then was told that they no longer needed a temp. At least I got paid.

You see sometimes in order to be taken serious you have to be an Asshole. To be heard you sometimes have to be distasteful or else nothing will be done.Countries have been freed, abusive husbands and wives, Mps, horrible bosses have been brought to justice because of assholes. Here’s why! Because the opponents are just bigger asshole. So we sometimes have to suck it up and be smaller assholes.

Generally, I don’t pay much attention to people who get aggravated with my opinions and such. Social media has been, is and will always be 100 percent optional and opt-in. If you don’t care for someone’s content or perspective, you can unfollow. And despite what your instincts tell you, doing so is not bad, wrong or negative.

Keep in mind that I don’t typically espouse my opinions as if I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I have some decorum and tact about how I voice things. In fact, I am attracted to intelligent discourse on any subject, am happy to admit when I’m wrong and am generally fair and polite.

But I still get under people’s skin sometimes.

Being an asshole person can increase your salary. It can get you more promotions and material possessions. By not caring about the effect we are having on anyone or anything outside of ourselves, we have the ability to trample over others and use any tactics necessary to get what we want. When asked by some why do I have to be an asshole, and the simple answer is: ” At some point, someone has to be one, and it might as well be you”

Now why do I use such a vulgar term? In today’s world, many words have many different meanings and apart from anus, asshole also means douchebag, reprehensible, hateful, unspeakable and mean. So modern word asshole means ” an irritating person” .

Stay tuned for “Why it pays off to be a good person” 🙂

P.s I’m a very nice person in general. Not that I care what you think. Just saying