Race report Ironman 2016 ( The gritty details )

First off I thought I finished in around 5:40- 5:45 because I calculated all of the legs separately and averaged it in my head right after the race where I obviously wasn’t in the best state of mind, but I finished in 6:05.





Just let me go back a little.I got to sleep the night before at 10:00 pm but slept at around 11ish. I woke up at 4:30am. Had an 8 banana smoothie with  a lot of water and put all of my things in order for the race. At around 5:50am I decided to put my number sticker on the wetsuit. It took a while. I had to pick up my friend Ameer who was also participating with me. He lives right next to me and I live right next to where the race is going to start.

I leave the house at 6:05 ( the race starts at 6:55 ) and reach Ameer’s house at 6:11. I then realised that I forgot my water bottle at home after picking him up. So Ameer tells me to go back we have plenty of time, so I race back home and collect my water bottle and rush back out. It’s now 6:25 and they have started closing down the roads. We stay stuck in traffic for a while till it starts to move. We reach the four seasons ( The swim start ) at 6:40 and they don’t let us in telling us they have already closed this part because the race will begin in 15 minutes. So we struggle to find a parking spot and we end up parking at a building close by. We get out of the car and start running towards the four seasons ( Ameer was in his sandals ) img_0941

So we make it just 10 minutes before the race and I put on a brand new wetsuit that I’ve never used before. It was really windy and I really didn’t feel like getting cramps while or after the swim. I came wearing my sunglasses and they are prescribed but I couldn’t swim with them so I gave them to a friend ( Hala, thank you for being a champ and staying till I was out) to give me after the swim.

So that happened.

As we were waiting in line to jump in to the sea I was trying to stretch out my wetsuit as much as I can before the swim in the hope that you know..it would not be too tight. Anywho I end up jumping in and boy was it a disaster.  I was really having to pull to get that stroke and because of that I got a little anxious and started to lose my breathing rhythm. Then I told myself just push! push! push! . Halfway through the swim I began thinking to myself ‘What if I just die now, would anyone notice?’ ‘ If I let go, would I fall into the sea or will I float ?’ Then I was finished. In 41 minutes I did a 1.9k ( Now on the website it shows 44 mins. So I’m not sure when exactly do they start counting but as soon as I jumped in I hit the start button ).

As I run out of the water I can barely see anything, and I don’t see Hala ( The girl with my prescribed sunglasses) . So I just run into transition and I thought she’d left. I didn’t blame here. It was windy. I now decided that I was going to race race blind. Ok, not blind but let’s just say it’s very dangerous for me to drive without my glasses.

I struggle to find my way to transition and I finally find my bag where my helmet and race belt is. So I get into gear and I find my bike and run to the bike start part and right before I get onto my bike I see a bunch of people taking pictures and one of those people were Hala!!!!! With my glasses!!!! Looking for me!!!! So I put on my glasses and I can now see again.

I get on my bike and start battling the wind. I was very very careful to not go above 30km/hr. Just because I didn’t have the training miles and I didn’t want to over do it. I stayed in between 28-30km/hr. Now my gels were all taped on my bike and they were giving me crazy paper cuts .

My leg was beginning to look like some character out of Zorro. Now I haven’t eaten GU gels since 2014. But at the time they worked for me and I remember the Hi5 gels and those were something that definitely didn’t work for me.  I had 6oo calories worth of gels and I realised right there and then, that wasn’t enough. I though the large banana smoothie would be enough but I was wrong. The swim had burnt  right through the smoothie. And I was stuck with only 6o0 calories worth of GU.

I ate the ones that were giving a paper cut first. Which were 3. The one I enjoyed the most was salted caramel and the one I despised the most was vanilla orange. What the heck is that all about? That was such an off flavour, and it was hard to wash off. I ended up taking one of the Hi5 gels and then fed on bananas the remaining 30k of the bike leg. I finished 6 gels in 2 hours and still wanted more food.

The ride inside the circuit was beautiful, it really pushed me and made me look forward to the run. I finished the bike  90k later. Took off my cycling shoes, put on my running shoes and got straight to it. I started fairly fast and that was a mistake. I was running a 4:45km/hr pace. At 4k I knew I was going to get hurt if I continued on this pace. So naturally I continued until the pain turned into agony. My IT band was on fire and my ankles were really feeling it.

I then really had to slow down. I started at some point running in a 6:30 pace. I then stopped at every food station and put food into me. I instantly felt better. I’d take an orange, a banana, 3 salty crackers and some energy drink. Did that till the 15k mark. Then all I took in was energy drink . The pain was agonising and I now knew that it was too late to quit. So I meditated . I started running much much faster. I went to a 5:30 pace and kept it there. In the last 2k I was in a surreal experience. My mind was not in my body. My body was running but my mind was up in the air with the clouds. I felt nothing. I went faster and faster. It was just my body that was running after all and not me. I wasn’t present at the time. I did the half marathon in 2:00 hours.

Finished the whole race in 6:05.  A personal best 😀

After checking my watch it added up to 6:00 but who cares! I don’t.

The volunteers were phenomenal. They were part of what kept me going. So upbeat and encouraging. The event was so well organised and there are so many people that I want to thank but want to thank God first for allowing me to complete this adventure with no real training. Everyone who helped me in this journey ( you know who you are ), thank you.

And for those of you pestering me about me not finishing it cause of least year and what not. Well, I won’t say in your face!!. But thanks for putting so much thought into me in general. I’m genuinely flattered.

Next post will be about post ironman as this post is pretty long already. Post. How many times did I say post in this last paragraph?

Just one time

Just this one time. And that’s all. But promise me to never do it again.

I got up and listened to my own self. I later then met two wise men. One told me to listen to my heart and do what I need to do. He said that we are meant to do what we want and what makes us happy. Lets call this guy Lee

The other man told me that our “self” is a very dangerous soul and we should be very careful with it. We should not give into anything it wants. And we should not self indulge into whatever it tells us too. Lets call this guy Bob.

I was confused but I really liked what the wise man said about giving in to what I want or maybe even need. Made the most sense. At least when you just want to do what you want to do.  Lee then told me that  of course there is what is illegal and that I cannot do. Like robing a bank. I cannot do that. But apart from that, just listen to you heart and do as you desire.

Bob told me that desire can be dangerous and that I may end up in a real rut if I’m not cautious with that I do. Also told me that life is about discipline and not desire. We did not make it to where we are by giving in to each and every desire. All the greats have amazing discipline that differs them from the rest.

Lee told me I must experience life in its fullest and do what makes me happy. He used the cliche ” You’ll never know if you never try”. Happiness was a step away. All I had to was approach it and then I’d be very happy.

Bob warned me and said, here’s what’s going to happen. I stopped him right there and told him “Bob, stop spreading your negativity. I don’t want to be a part of it”.

Lee then took my hand and told me to go ahead. And I did. I didn’t feel one bit guilty, cause I was doing what I was meant to do. I was then hooked. I couldn’t let go. And when I did let go, I would suffer in a lot of painful ways till I gave in again. Thank God that it was triathlon that I got hooked too. Imagine if it was something else!! I then looked at Lee’s life and took a took good like at what he had to offer people around him and not just me. He hung with a bad crowd. Was always secretive and you could not really tell what he was up too. He seemed very shiny and wise though. But as I looked closer, he wasn’t happy and preyed on people like me. He simply got his fun out of that.

Lee was very open about everything he’d do. He was shiny in a way where people would immediately feel comfortable towards him. Lee told me that giving into desire can either be the best thing you do for yourself or the worse. He said that everyday we give into alcohol, entertainment, drugs, pornography etc and the outcome is usually bad. All it takes is one time. Just one little time to try  it. Just to say that I’ve done it. We usually think that it leads to happiness. But that is not happiness and that is not a calling. That is an empty soul telling us it needs saving and a moral compass that can lead it. All it takes is one try.

I asked what was that he wanted to tell me when I stopped him. He looked at me and said, “The one thing  that you try once. That desire deep down inside you know is going to cost you ( just like how expensive triathlon is ) either turns out to be an addiction that will lead to your destruction ( destruction of you health, wealth, happiness, family and friends) or it will be a nasty recreational habit that you can’t get rid of. Do not try it just once. Don’t ever try it and feed your soul the goodness it’s looking for”

I’ve written about Bob one other time too. 

The one

I’ve been feeling down at times and wondered why me. Sometimes only.

Around me I look at huge corporations, philanthropists, artists, athletes and great authors. All making a difference and reaching hundreds and some millions of people. It saddens me how little impact I’m making. I want to be out there shooting stars and making a change in a humorous but effective way. I want to live life on the edge where others can recognize what I’ve done or am doing for them.

I walk by and see great impact happening. But none by me. I go back home and sit in sorrow while others fight to make a living. I don’t want to make a living. I’m already living. I want to make a change. A revolutionary change. I moan and whine about how unfair it is.

I get an email that same day from someone telling me how I have changed his life and he has now embarked on a journey to health and adventure. He started a business and told me that he has changed people’s lives through his company and wants to thank me for doing it.

I go out for a walk in the rain and look at labors working in the rain and one of them was sitting there and he looked cold and tired. I went up to him and asked him how is he. He said fine but a little hungry. I went bought a meal and told him “here have this”. It wasn’t much but it was all I could offer. He got up but nearly slipped cause of the wet floor. I grabbed him and held him up. He told me from now on he’ll carry extra food with him so he can help someone. He never wants anybody to be in such a situation again. It was windy so I left.

Three years later I look at the papers and see a face I recognize. It was a very familiar face but I couldn’t remember where or how I knew him. I read the story in the hope that I may know who he is. Maybe by name or profession. The title of the piece read: ” Man feeds 300 labors per week all over the Gulf”. I read the piece with such amazement and the story read that he himself was a labor who was once fed by a stranger and he took it upon himself to help as many people as he could. He made it his life mission to feed labors who didn’t have enough to eat. The emphasis were on construction labors. They usually suffered with low wages and had to live off low salary income and they always faced trouble with food.

I remembered him. I teared up. I was still feeling hopeless and suddenly realized I was calculating it all wrong. It was all a big miscalculation and I was in it for the wrong things maybe. Did I really want impact? Did I really want change or did I want fame maybe? Luxury? appreciation? recognition?  Not that anything is wrong with those but maybe I wasn’t true to myself. I cannot feel miserable because I don’t reach millions. I can not feel miserable because I am not recognized for my so called noble acts.

I then went out and started doing what I do. I just wanted to reach one person a day. Just one. It was less overwhelming. Less stressful and a lot more fulfilling. I want one person to be changed by me. I want one person to be touched and that is my mission. Just one. That’s all it takes to change the world.

If you are reading this then I am happy. Thank you. And I hope that I have touched you in a positive way. Please do come back. You’re the only one I need.

6 Reason you should watch Star Wars

ok I’m ready.

I have seen all the previous start wars and I’m ready to take on part 7!!

A little back story first. I rarely barely ever follow trends. I just hate it when something stupid goes viral and we all have to accept that it’s good because well..the media says so. Brainwash. Just like when Interstellar came out and it was one of the worse and most boring movies I’ve ever seen. Even though it had a great cast but it sucked. Everyone said it was AMAZING. Those who disagreed with me, all had the same argument that I don’t know science o..O. Really?  I remember asking one specific person about it and she said that I would have liked if I liked if I understand physics. I really wish I could tell you all how much physics knowledge this person has. To put it nicely, I was more knowledgeable than her in this field and I have very very limited physics knowledge that I can recall from my O level classes. But I have fallen to the dark side of media this time when it comes to star wars ( inside Star Wars joke, not a really good joke though)

I have watched star wars episode 1,2 and 3 when they came out. I enjoyed them a lot and I never felt like I had to watch the older ones cause it was irrelevant. I didn’t have the urge to know what happen after those 3 but actually before in time. Confusing I know. For those of you who don’t know star wars, I’ll get to it in a little while.

But now that a part 7 is out and I have only seen 1-3. It really got me curious and eager to go back where it all started. And I did!! AND I’M SO READY TO TAKE ON STAR WARS. IN IMAX.

After watching them all I feel thats it’s my responsibility to tell you all why I think you should watch star wars. 1-7

  1. The first movie ever released was in 1977 and it was part 4. Who releases part 4 first?
  2. The effects. Going back to watch the first 3 films I wasn’t really expecting any good effects, but boy was I wrong. The movie was very well made and it’s one of those classic movies that you just have to watch. Just like Dumbo.
  3. The action. For you action suckers. This is one to watch. The light saber fights are just epic. Watch it.
  4. Storyline. Star wars managed to make us relate to a movie that is not even from this planet. We see patriotism, love, family issues ( weird ones), gangsters ( from other galaxies), battles, power, spirituality and so much more.
  5. Icebreaker. It’s a great icebreaker topic
  6. Characters. The characters are true classics that will probably be memorable till the end of time. Especially Yoda and Darth vader. Just amazing.

Now there are many ways you could watch them and people tell you should watch them the way they were released which is 4,5,6,1,2,3. But I watched them 1,2,3,4,5,6  and I was right in track and knew exactly what was going on and who was who. So you have 2 choices. You either watch them in the sequence they were released or just watch them 1-7.

May the force be with you.

And it you must watch * Mimicking Yoda*



The alarm went off and it was 4:15 am. I slept at 12 cause who sleeps on race night right? The dude on stage said even pros don’t so I figured I won’t even try and just stay up and stay relaxed. I had slept well 2 nights before so all was good I guess. The alarm goes off. I wake up, drink water and figure it’s still early anyways, so I lie down a little more. It’s funny how I’d fall fast asleep an hour before transition opens but no sleep would come to me 5-7 hours before. Weird.

I wake up again, have some more water and make a 7 banana smoothie not because I want to but because I have to. So I force some down. Gotta get a cleanse going. I then mix 2 electrolyte drinks with powders I got online and are suppose the best stuff out there. I have never tried them before. I always try new stuff on race day. A friend of mine recommended I take his pre work out powder supplement because it helps so much in the gym and it would keep me going long and hard. Now this is some funky stuff. Basically it’s a shit ton of caffeine with some anti-oxidants thrown in. Now, I NEVER drink caffeine anymore and haven’t in over 2 years. Which is great cause that will make me caffeine sensitive and it will work even better, right?. The container said take one scope but my friend recommended a scope and a half since its a long race. I was heading there not knowing that  the swim has been cancelled, we were suppose to start at 7. So I took it at 6:30 so that the caffeine kicks in. The swim got cancelled due to strong currents ( which I was disappointed about but applaud Ironman Bahrain for putting out safety first ). Race started at 8:15. I was jumping around the start line waiting for my batch’s turn. ( Every 5 athletes were sent out to the bike transition within a period of 15 seconds or so) . I had one gel on me only for emergency just in case I needed it. It was caffeine based, it was GU caramel macchiato caramel machiato

MY turn came up! I sped to T1 and passed my bike, had to run back and look for it carefully. The adrenaline was really kicking in. As I took my bike and took off, I saw the GU gel on the floor, had no idea how it fell off, I picked it up and got on the bike and away I went. ( Later saw another Gel on my race belt. Turns out someone dropped the one I picked)

All I had for nutrition were in my bottles and I wasn’t going to eat anything. That was the plan. We had one lane to ourselves and  the other 2 were for drivers. This year the race was way more organized, less people were complaining. The wind was brutal, at first all we had was head wind and I was just pushing through. After passing the Bahrain Bay bridge and heading towards city center mall was super windy that a few bikes in front of me were going side ways due to the head wind.

At the 22km mark exactly, my stomach began to hurt a little, then the more I pedaled the more it hurt. At 26km the pain was unreal. I don’t ever remember having this much stomach pain. I was riding with one hand on the handle and the other rubbing my stomach. I was barely pedaling. All I could think of at the time was is this what woman have to go through every single month? MY God. The pain was getting worse and then at 36k I stopped on the side and got off my bike. I was butt sore from not spending nearly enough time on the bike and my stomach ache nearly put me in tears. Lots of athletes passing by asked if I was okay, everyone’s trying to be nice while fighting their own battles. You can always appreciate a good gesture knowing what everyones going through. That’s it I wanted out, but the only way out was to get back on my bike. It was a tough time and not a porta potty in sight. I wasn’t sure if it was the pre work out supplement or my mixes or the combination of it all. It was then just me and the highway and everyone else passed me by then. All eyes were on  me.Some looked at me with pity, some with sympathy, some with curiosity.I felt like Simba when he was deserted and left for dead   ( for some reason Simba always pops into my head )help simba

10-15 minutes later I got back on my bike and slowly pedaled, just wanting to get somewhere I can get off. At 50k the pain was completely gone and I began to push real hard to make up for lost time.I must have passed around 20 cyclists and then I decided to finish the bike leg. I was getting hungry and took the GU gel and stared at it for a second, feeling very afraid. This gel was either going to make me or break me. I took it. Thank God I didn’t get anymore stomach ache but got a burst of energy. And from there I went head to head with the wind.

Now when it got really windy I would tell my legs,” easy girl, easy”. Don’t know why i’d call them that but it worked and I’d spin on a low gear with high cadence and just embrace the head wind. I reached  T2 in 3 hours and 32 minutes ( not counting the 10 mins stop). I got off the bike put on my running shoes and visor cap and surprisingly didn’t quit yet. I continued running. I decided to use the bathroom to urinate because I didn’t want to half way of the run. Legs were mush but guess I was going to run anyway. Entering the bathroom, luckily saw a cleaner there who was kind enough in helping me unzip my suit from the back ( also the 1st time wearing this suit to a race) . After the bathroom, I started jogging again and maaaaan was it hard to get running again. My legs were so stiff, mainly my thighs felt locked up. I asked myself whether I really wanted to do this. “Are you really going to run a half marathon Hady? really? Your longest run being the 10k a month ago and before that…? ” So I felt an injury coming. I could have run it but I don’t have that racing mentality anymore. That do it no matter what mentality, even if you finish crawling. I have nothing to gain by doing it and a lot to lose. I could have done it and injured myself and spend time recovering. I’m all about health over fitness. I used to race no matter what before and I did finish races and ended up injured a lot. Not doing that ever again. I don’t have anything against that mentality IF you’re well trained. I know my body very well and it was trying to tell me something and I listened. Sure this is a mind game but we need to get out of this physically well or as well as we can.But me knowing what I knew, training for a month, that was enough reason to get out of it. So after 2.2k I headed to the finish line smiling and everyone cheering me thinking I actually finished the race. Awkward moment there.

After the finish line we had chiropractors and physiotherapists to work on us and boy was that that the highlight of my race. I had a sore upper back and burning thighs. The physiotherapist did some voodoo on me and I was up and cracking. Fantastic work, I felt rejuvenated. They’re an awesome clinic called In touch, and they definitely In touched me very well. You can check them out here

One of the main reasons I wrote this post is tell people that “it’s okay “. It’s okay to forfeit a race if you feel you’re going to get injured. It’s okay to listen to your body when everything else is telling you to push. It’s okay to tell people you DNF ( did not finish) . This doesn’t mean you’re a quitter, this means that you have raised above opinions and criticisms and you listened to the one most important and sacred thing to you. Your body. But if you want to go all out, knock yourself out, i’ve done it a lot in the past and it’s an experience. It’s worth it for some and they love it!! It all depends on what it means to you. I choose health over fitness and I urge you to do it at least the majority of the time.

And here’s how I celebrated my DNF . Best vegan pizza I’ve had so far.

I want to personally thank Sh. Sager and the Ironman Bahrain team ( Suzy, if you read this, awesome job) tri life for being there for the athletes and for taking customer service a notch up, and for always looking out for me. Endura, the amazing volunteers, and everyone who cheered me on, and last but definitely not least Intouch.

How I stay trim year round

I’m trim all year long with sometimes little to no exercise. I remember winter last year I was super busy and was ordering and eating out every single day, and of course what do we do on the weekend? You guessed it We eat out some more! I gained 8 kilos, and no not muscle but by fat! Fat that gave me man boobs, a horrible belly and maybe a cute butt.

It was a harsh time. Then I cut down eating out to 90%, eating the same exact foods I eat out but home made. I lost half the weight. I was shocked. I’m eating the same amounts and eating the same type of foods, why did I gain weight at the time? It’s the sh** they put in our foods. That’s what got me big. I really hated my man boobs. I’m glad to have regular boobs right now. Really puts me at ease. Then came ramadan and I went like 80%-90% raw and lost all the weight that I put on. I was literally stuffing myself with bananas, mangoes, avocados and watermelon. What a beautiful month of raw foods. Miss it. I vlogged about it almost daily on my Youtube channel, you can check out the series right here

So what do I eat to stay lean all year round? And mind you, I’m a foodie. I’m all about the vegan dishes that make you go…mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm. Here’s a typical day in the life of what I eat. In the morning I always start with a liter of water. Then depending on if I’m working out or not I eat. If I am then I just have a date or 2, or nothing. Smash in a liter of water while and then hit breakfast. Breakfast consists typically of fruits. I usually make a smoothie in the morning. Here’s a recipe that’s a staple for me. Coconut water/milk or regular water, 12 bananas, blueberries and chia seeds. The base is always at least 10 bananas, the rest I just throw in what I have that day.

Lunch would be a cup of rice ( a cup of rice is what some cook for a whole family of 4) , some steamed veggies, or a vegan stew along side that.

Dinner maybe another 10 bananas, or some baked sweet potatoes. Sometimes around 3-4. It’s great with cinnamon and brown sugar. Ahhh man, I’m drooling.  But here’s the thing most of my food has very very very little to no oil or salt on it. We condiment our food using spices, herbs, lime, homemade sauce/dressing etc. My food is always naturally low in fat, and high in carbs. I don’t mean processed carbs, but whole food plants. All from mama nature. Mother’s always got it right.

This is a typical day for me and slightly varies from time to time.

Welcome to the high carb world where restrictions of portions isn’t just in my dictionary. To see more of what I eat or my shenanigans, follow me on Instagram @elcotth or add me on Facebook: Hady Elcott. Here’s also another way I stay lean.

Cut carbs Cut life.



My shameful 10k run

The plan was to go to the race and take pictures and to make a video.I woke up at 4:15 and gave the alarm an arrogant smile, because I slept at 10:30 and I was confident that I’d be up early. So I turned off the alarm and then opened my eyes and it was 6:15 am. I jumped right out of the floor ( that is where I sleep ) and rushed to get ready. I had this feeling inside that I should go out and race this but I didn’t sign up for it. Oh, well I’ll race without a bib and a chip.

So I arrived at 6:45 and the race starts at 7, you could feel the heat starting to get to you already. I get in the crowd, smile at everyone and get right in the middle of the starting line and off we go.

So it’s a 2 loop running race ( 5k each between two bridges), it’s a great location with a great view, but who’s really looking at the view when you’re running really? You just want to get it over with. The first loop I took it very easy and actually tried to enjoy the view, then on the 2nd loop I stepped on it a little bit and kept going a tiny bit faster till the 8km point and then I was hurting. I looked for company to stick too and I did, it made the run more bearable and helped me keep the pace. That’s a runners selfish act, and it seemed like the guy setting the pace wasn’t pleased to have me there but I stuck with him till the end. Finished in 51 minutes. Man, I remember 2 years ago I literally led this race. Now I’m just shamefully just trying to keep up with the middle pack. I did it in 51 minutes and that’s slow for me. That’s what you get when you run from event to event only.

I head to the shaded area to get some water and get my picture taken by a volunteer who’s part of the committee and I then reveal that I didn’t have a chip and wasn’t registered. She asked me if I took water, and then accused me of stealing from the committee. Which was a little too much for me to handle after a hot 10k, so I backfired and told her how I just took 2 bottles and try to give a good reason. She then told me that I was literally stealing from charity, at least that’s the link that she made.It was definitely a hot day for everybody there and not just the runners.

I then walked out of the shaded tent to see all the visitors that have come along with the runners drinking out of the aid stations and not being held accountable for the water they were stealing with the help of the committee. So I walked over to the president of the committee and apologized for taking 3 bottles of water. He said it was fine and didn’t ask to have me taken away. I ended up talking to another member of the committee, and asked about a little more info about the organization so I could mention how its run in my post and told her what happened. I then also got a mouthful of how wrong it was to do what I did. I then realized that I do get under people’s skin and that my little incident is definitely going to bring up a lot of fresh new ideas to their table when they discuss rules etc. I have a funny feeling that I’d be brought in as a shining example and how to avoid such catastrophe from happening again. But I think it was good overall for the committee to have someone come forward and say “hey, I ran without registering” It may help them be more vigilant of such runners.

After all that I went to get some fruit.

Overall it was a great organized race in a beautiful location ( Muharraq bridges) and here’s a little about this great organization: They’re a non profit committee that organize great running, swimming and triathlon events. They always choose great venues and really put their souls into making a great and fair experience for everyone out there ( as you’ve read ) and I encourage you all ( If living or passing by Bahrain) to check out their website here. And follow them on Facebook and instagram just search for Bahrain road runners.  Their next event is a woman and kids fun run so make sure to sign up and get off the couch.

Challenge almost accomplished

2 days ago (25th October, 2015) was the last day for my 30 day writing challenge. I then had a 2 day mini vacation and am now writing this. I didn’t write everyday for 30 days but I managed to write 25 posts and that’s pretty damn good! If I didn’t have a challenge then I’m sure that I would have not even maybe written 15 posts.

Not that I didn’t take my challenge serious but at days I was just exhausted and I couldn’t think of anything good to write, and in other days I refrained from writing cause I feared that the topic I had in mind was not very friendly, so I slept it off and waited for the next best thing. But it didn’t happen too often, as I only missed 5 days out of 30. What have a I learnt from this experience? That a month passed by anyways.

But the difference was that I had 25 posts under my sleeve and my writing muscle was beginning to show. I felt more confident writing after day 20. I have something to look back too and say ah! Yes! I can write and I can create controversy. Did writing become a habit? No, not yet. Maybe if I wrote 30 posts then it would have. I don’t know. But for now, I feel like I can stop writing easily and I don’t like that. So since another month is gonna pass by anyway I want it to count again.

I am going to extend my writing challenge to another 30 days, as hard as this may be, I want to do it anyways. I’m just very busy doing stuff. But I still want to write and since writing has become easier than last month, I’d like to add a challenge along side that. Not sure what yet, but I will. I’ll think about something appropriate. Something that doesn’t scare me too much and something I’ll actually look forward to doing. Or else burnout is what’s going to happen. And that is not good.

How’s your month going to pass by? Any plans?

Why I hate Les Mills

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Les mills. Here’s a wikipedia definition:
Les Mills International is a New Zealand company that is the world’s largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes distributed to health clubs. The first Les Mills program was BodyStep, with BodyPump being the first program released internationally. There are currently 14 programs,10 which are classified as “group fitness”, three which are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs and one that is classified “youth fitness.”

Now, why do I hate them? After attending many of their classes and being inspired to become an instructor myself, I realized that they’re just too much. Let me explain, they are dedicated  to excellence, while no one is excellent why even try, let alone try hard? Their workshops are filled with knowledge that helps you understand why you’re actually doing the workout and why you’re doing that particular set! Pfft, people just want to work out! Wrong or right!!

To be an instructor you have to go through a grueling 2 days of intensive workouts, information and you should even pay attention to the details. Could they make instructor’s lives any harder?

They worry about safety and always give options so that anyone and everyone can be a part of the experience. Mmmm not everyone wants to work out, God. Even my grandmother could join a class and have options. Embarrassing.

As instructors we have to cue direct and clear instructions so that everyone can understand AND it has to be kept simple. Why can’t we just take the microphone and sing along the whole song while we perform our workout, they can follow you know!?

And here’s their motto: “We’re on a mission to create a fitter planet. This doesn’t mean making people work out. It means helping people fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out.” I mean the planet is doomed, so let’s not try to save it. Sure it has inspired millions and they have changed lives, including mine to the better. Still….the planet is doomed.

So if you want to be a part of class that are on a mission to create a fitter planet, to inspire you to become a better and stronger you. To push you to limits that you had no idea you were capable, then by all means you can check out clubs such as Reps, fitness first and Dessange that are in Bahrain. But I know that we as human beings need nothing like this. We are doomed, so let’s just sit back and contribute to the destruction.

Les Mills Black JPEG

I’ll have a burger when I finish my diet

Its 9:49 pm now and I need to go to bed early so here’s 15 minutes of my time.

A client called me today and told me she wanted to try my smoothies but was on a diet and she was going to finish it in a week and she’ll call back then. I was silent and said “okay” . I can’t emphasize stronger on how a “diet” is just such a waste of life.

For the Love of God, just eat real whole foods. Do not go on a diet PLEASE! Stop eating crap, stop drinking gas, stop drooling over fake saucy food and start eating food that was intended to be eaten by human beings. SIMPLE!

It’s so simple that we complicate it and tell ourselves “No, no, no… I have to diet”.  I have to eat cucumbers for breakfast, carrots for lunch, drink diet coke and then binge on packaged foods when I’m done. Yes, that’s what will do.

Here’s a tip for you all that has done wonders for me: When you start a new dietary lifestyle, binge, binge and binge some more on the good stuff. Eat till you’re gonna explode and once you look at your favorite chocolate bar, you’ll wanna puke. It helped me, try it.

Here’s what happens and I’ve seen it over and over and over and OVER again. Mr Jon decides to go on a diet, has a meal plan. Follows it for a month and does great, and now its time to go back to eating what he ate cause he deserves it. Oh, and guess what happens, he blows back up. Ever seen a Mr Jon ?

Here’s madame Tussade and she wants to go on a diet. So she goes to a nutrionist and she gets a super blunt meal plan that she absolutely hates. She follows it and loses weight, feels better but can’t bear any more cucumbers with chick peas for dinner, so goes back to being the madame Tussade we all love and starts feeding us her yummy oily cooked food with extra salt to hit the spot.

How about Mr yasser!? He starts eating nuts for dinner cause he wants to lose weight and then just gets a shawarma again.


it’s 10:06 and I took a break to burp the baby, not bad!