5 things I learnt in my 28 years on this earth

  1. Life is never a constant. You’re never gonna be always happy and never gonna always be sad. Here’s a quote I read today that I’d like to share with you.“Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing.We think that the point is to pass the test,

    or to overcome the problem,

    but the truth is that things don’t really get solved.

    They come together and they fall apart.

    Then they come together again and fall apart again.

    It’s just like that.

    The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen:

    room for grief,

    for relief,

    for misery,

    for joy.”

    ~Pema Chodron

    2. Say yes, then learn how to do it. If I tell the story of how I happen to teach at one of the best and if not the best language centres on the island, you’d be shocked. I just went for it. Didn’t know what I was doing. Got rejected. Did a test, failed it and called back going them great reason to hire me. I probably stole this point from Richard Branson, but I was doing this way before I even read his autobiography.

    3. Life isn’t fair. You probably have a lot more than you need and you’re also way worse than a lot of people that have less. You’re pretty privileged and that’s not fair. That goes both ways. So I try to be as grateful to God as I can and always remind myself of it too.

    4. The secret to energy is passion. I surround myself with the energy I want to be. Be it people, community, books and movies. That’s what makes me the best me.

    5. To get, you gotta give from the same currency. I have realised one thing recently, if I want more love, I gotta give more love. If I want more money, I gotta give more money. Whatever it is I want, I should give it out and it’ll come back in doubles.


An open letter to all on the day I was born

Today on the 12th. I write this whole heartedly. No sarcasm, no puns unfortunately and no humour. Maybe just a little humour.

Usually on the 12th I don’t feel my best self and I’m usually overwhelmed with the idea of being forced to be happy. It was a lot of pressure for me. And I kind of hated my birthdays in a way, apart from the gifts. It was emotionally hard. I don’t know why  but I hated it for a few years.

Today though, I surrendered to the day. I didn’t force anything and my wife understood me so didn’t really push anything unto me. I woke. I ate and I did. Just like everyday and reacted to however the day was being with me.  I must say it was a lovely day and I cannot be mad at it. Instead of overwhelming happy forced feelings, I was a little overwhelmed by the love I was getting all around me, even strangers.

I was basically working all day and just celebrated during lunch but as I was out, a stranger told me in the parking lot that he watches my vlogs. My wife got me organic jam and baked me a vegan cinnamon roll cake , my office celebrated me while I wasn’t there, so they took a video of it all and sent it to me. I got 2 upcoming gigs that I actually enjoy doing. I had a raw vegan pie delivered to me. I could keep going on but as I’m typing all of this I realised how blessed, lucky and fortunate I am. I want to stop here and tell you that  I’m paying it forward. I’m doing it as much as I can every single day. And I acknowledge you for even reading this.

Thank you from the bottom of my circulatory system.


Death is inevitable

I turn 28 in an hour or so.

Today has been a very long day. I had a 13 hour work shift. I’m exhausted and emotional.

I don’t know why. But today’s work was rewarding. I got to be a mentor for a team of 7. I guided them to create a movie. 7 people with no relevance or experience in filmmaking created a 2 minute movie. One of my team even won best actor.

I’m so happy about that. I’m just usually emotional this time of year. I’m getting closer to my goals and freedom. I’m also getting closer to death. It’s liberating.

When I feel this way, I think of a picture that I saw a while ago about how the earth looks like from far far away. It’s like this overhead shot of the planet earth and it looks very small.

It’s a tiny hole. What am I worried about?

We are tiny specks walking around. We are miracles bossing each other and being d**** to each other.

I like to think of that picture, it calms me. I also like to think of Jim Carrey’s crazy concept  of we don’t exist. This isn’t real.

The other day I had a really shitty day. I just said to myself ” Hey, I don’t exist. This isn’t even happening 🙂 “