101 reasons you should be blogging too

This being my 101st blog I wanted to write something special. I think by now I have a little bit of experience in the blogging world. All day today and yesterday I’ve been squeezing my brain over the precise points. But here goes.

  1. It’s cool 
  2. You get to have a website to refer people too
  3. It’s free ( or very very affordable if you’ll want to buy an URL) 
  4. You get to write. 
  5. You get to be better at writing.
  6. You get to express and be creative.
  7. you’re imagination expands.
  8. You become better at titles.
  9. You get to brag ( a little ).
  10. You get to connect with amazing like minded people.  
  11. You get hated at ( and learn to accept being hated at at times ).
  12. You get great messages and comments from people around the world.
  13. you get introduced by other people ( through blogs) and that’s just awesome.
  14. You can make an income out of it ( But I don’t make a dime out of it, I do cause I love it)
  15. You can do from anywhere in the world
  16. There are no rules to blogging .
  17. You can  grow through your blog.
  18. You get to put your name out there.
  19. You get to market your business .
  20. you can market your Youtube channel. Here’s mine 
  21. You can market your second Youtube channel ( In my case). Here’s my other one
  22. You can become an author someday 
  23. You make your parents proud 
  24. OR make them hate you ( a little maybe. Depending on the content)
  25. You get to write about your passion
  26. You don’t depend on your friend, family or country to read it. The world is your oyster.
  27. You can get things off your chest. In code 😉 ( Like shakespeare) 
  28. You can move people 
  29. You can spread awareness about something that matters.
  30. You can make people happy
  31. You can make people angry
  32. You can make people cry ( tears of joy/sadness/shame)
  33. You can make people laugh
  34. You could make people like  you 
  35. You could make people hate you 
  36. You could make people enjoy your company ( through the blog )
  37. You could connect with someone from the other side of your world and end up being best friends
  38. You could make this your full time job if you wanted to 
  39. More people will follow you on social media
  40. You can find fame
  41. You learn more as you research more stuff to write about 
  42. You can reinvent yourself 
  43. You can talk about whatever you like. And theres no to stop you from doing it. You have the keys to your blogging gate.
  44. You can meet amazing new people 
  45. you can meet your heroes 
  46. You get to learn taking better pictures for your blog ( if you’re into that stuff)
  47. You learn to be more articulate 
  48. You learn to create a website
  49. You can get your message out there
  50. You can post whatever you want, unedited, uncut and uncensored.
  51. You can blog wearing your underwear only if you want.
  52. You can blog in your sportswear 
  53. you can build a community 
  54. Your confidence will build as you build better content 
  55. You can inspire 
  56. Your mind will expand
  57. You will learn to be more open to what others have to say because you discover that you can say pure nonsense sometimes.
  58. Your tolerance to trolls increases.
  59. Your tolerance to spam increases.
  60. Your tolerance to stupid increases.
  61. Your tolerance to hearing the other side increases. 
  62. You can write enough content to write a book
  63. You’ll get A LOT more email.
  64. Blogging is cheaper than therapy 
  65. You’ll begin to discover who you really are
  66. You’ll like yourself just because you’ll realise that you’re offering the world great insight 
  67. You’ll get nice emails
  68. You’ll look forward to emails again 
  69. You’ll learn what makes a good blog
  70. You’ll learn what makes a poor blog
  71. You’ll learn to care less of what people think 
  72. You’ll learn to think outside the box
  73. You’ll learn to challenge yourself.
  74. You’ll learn to be more disciplined.
  75. You can end up helping somebody
  76. You can end up saving somebody
  77. You can end up loving somebody
  78. You can end up hating somebody
  79. Y0u’ll know what people really think of you sometimes 
  80. You’ll know who your supporters are
  81. You’ll know who your haters are.
  82. You’ll know who just doesn’t care.
  83. New opportunities will arise 
  84. You can showcase your accomplishments
  85. You get to spread a message for free to the world 
  86. You can start having people holding you accountable for a challenge you’d like to do 
  87. You can be sponsored to do something you love
  88. You can tragedy into comedy ( like death for examples, which happen to be one of my favourite topics)
  89. You can turn comedy into tragedy ( You don’t want to be that person though)
  90. You can speak your mind 
  91. Blogging is perfect for introverts 
  92. Blogging is perfect for people who are stage shy
  93. Blogging is perfect for people who stutter 
  94. Blogging is perfect for extroverts ( if they feel the need to say even more)
  95. You can share topics that are dear to your heart.
  96. You can share topics that make you completely cringe.
  97. You can learn to make lists this long
  98. People will call you for advice 
  99. People will thank you at times
  100. You can indirectly send out a message about a taboo subject that is normally not talked about in certain societies 
  101. You may just get rich by doing what you love.

There you have it folks. 101 points on why you should be blogging, or at least typing on a screen on a notepad to get you started on a great journey.

Thank you all. You made this blog special. Now do yourselves a favour and shine.