The Kevin hart book review + what I learnt

As soon as I saw that book on the shelf I grabbed it.

I didn’t think twice. I’m not a Kevin Hart fan by the way.

I don’t necessarily hate or dislike him but he’s a big time comedian.

More importantly a stand up comedian. That was my only sell and I bought it.

To be a stand up comedian, you really got to know how to tell a story. You really need to know how to move an audience, you really got to know how to say it well, clear and concise.

That’s something I wanted to know how is done.

Apart from the book being hilarious from the get go. Kevin is brutally honest and really explains his journey from humble beginnings and teaches you a lot of important life lessons along the way.

If you’re someone who likes comedy, enjoys a good memoir and a great underdog story. Then pick this book up

Now here’s what I learnt, I’ll write it in my points:

  1. Turn tragedy into comedy : Kevin is a grand success because turned his negatives and hardships into comedy. Boom. Everyone could relate and he didn’t have to hide anymore.
  2. We choose our chapters and it determines our next one too:  Comedy or tragedy, fairy tale or horror story, rags to riches or riches to rags.
  3. Don’t ever be bullied: unless it involves your pride. 
  4. Having a structured schedule: This will serve me the most, just look at where he and the most successful people in the world are.
  5. Have kids always busy : This will serve our kids in the future a lot. I wish I didn’t spend my summer holidays sitting around doing…. oh wait, I was studying for re-exams. Never mind
  6. Don’t wait for certainty : If you wait for certainty, you will spend your whole life standing still. And if you stay discouraged and give up when things get rough, you will miss on your best possible destiny. So the secret is to be excited about what is in your power to control, be excepting of what’s not in your power to control, and then move certainty into an uncertain future. You don’t have to know. You don’t have to understand. You just have to trust. There is a flow to life, and all you have to do is make the decision to follow that current even if it seems to be carrying your way from everyone around

God, typing all of this down made me wanna go for a second read.