The time it takes to get fat

27 years has gone by and he’s now 28 years old. He has visited the gym quite a few times in his  life,  once for a week of intensive workouts that completely burnt him out and another time was when he was in his teens when he suddenly wanted to look good, cause you feels good to look good. But that failed him as well, it was just too much work and it was too hard, the programs given to him were not properly designed to sustain, just focused on a lot of hard work too soon.

He has been a fat kid all his life, well, chubby at first and then fat. I remember being with him in the 6th grade and he was already overweight so its been a while, so it took him around 12-13 years to become overweight and he has been maintaining that ever since.

Last year, he was 27 and he was just as fat, maybe a little less or a little more. He finally decided that its time to change for good. NO more Mr. fat man, no more Mr careless eater and NO more junk food. He finally realized that he had missed out on so much in life and had the strong urge to look and feel good. It’s been a long journey for him but it was time to switch lanes.

So he decided to lose weight, the only issue was that he wanted that change to happen NOW. He starved himself, over trained, ate tasteless food (aka healthy bland food ) , but it just made him go back to square 1. He had to find a solution, so the easiest way was to take it one step at a time. He set a realistic goal and took it easy, and made small changes to his diet, exercised moderately avoiding injury and burn out and has lost 15kg ( 33 LBS ) since the last year. He looks better now, healthier for sure and is very optimistic of what more he can accomplish.

How to lose weight long-term:

  1.  Take baby steps. We have abused our bodies for years and years and years, and expect to fix that in a month, that is not sustainable, logical and will cause more harm than good. It will take at least a good 2-3 years to rectify all of the damage done to the body. So embrace the journey, be patient with it. As much as we have damaged it, it will take half the time to fix that but at least give your body half the time to do wor its magic.
  2. Don’t diet : Don’t put a lot of restrictions from day one. Take out one bad thing/habit ever week and take it from there. Ease into it, your body will be in less of a shock and you’ll be able to absorb the changes gracefully.
  3. NO 10-30 day challenges : This is not a crash course on losing weight, this is a journey, the new you. Someone you’re going to want to get to know and live with for the rest of your life, not for 10-30 days. So skip the bikini body challenges and the fad diets and do what’s good for you. recreate yourself and become a new you.


These are my few tips on to lose weight term for overweight people and this applies to anyone wanting to live a better and healthier lifestyle. More to be posted on this but for now, lets take baby steps and ease into it.

To life, health and vitality.

Let me know your thoughts and criticisms.