What do with life when you are unsure

What should you do when you’re unsure?

Do it all.

Let me elaborate. You don’t have that many options and you can’t be the CEO of Pepsi right about now. So maybe it’s best if you start doing whatever opportunity you have and that will not give you some income and experience, but it will show you what you’re made of.

Doing everything will give you a sense of who you are, what you can do, what you like, don’t like. Do it all

Be a cook, a dishwasher, a journalist ( you may need qualifications for this one )

I’m not being very specific but I’m hoping people reading this do get the idea.

Whatever your industry is or whatever industry you desire to be in, that’s where you should be rolling in.

If you don’t know where, what, how and who, then make a list of places you’d work for free. Things you’d do for free. Now you have an idea of where and what you would do.

Go get em tiger.


5 things to do now | Part 1

I titled this part 1 because I may have other ideas later on.

But here’s 5 things you should do right now!!!!

  1. Write. When was the last time you wrote. Stop reading this bulls*** blog and go write something down. Type it for goodness sake I don’t care.
  2. Pray. For those who don’t, take one second and look around the life you don’t deserve. Just say ” thank you God “. Just do it. Say it. Don’t be all high and mighty. Eat, pray, love remember? 
  3. Eat a fruit. Just make sure it’s ripe or else suffer mouth sores and other weird stuff that may happen to you while you blame GMO’s and how your body doesn’t digest fruit too well. Ha
  4. Do jumping jacks. DO twenty! Or more if you can
  5. Put your phone down and do nothing. Silence. reflect. Think. Enough consuming for 6 seconds.

Thank you