The timings of what I do is EVERYTHING

I usually write these posts by the end of my looooong day.

It’s good because I give myself no excuses. I absolutely have to write before I hit the sack.

BUT the quality of what I write and the quality of my thoughts aren’t exactly the best at that time of day. The filter is a bit off ( which isn’t necessarily a bad thing ) and the writing isn’t thought out too well ( also not such a bad thing, spontaneity is good ) but what I write about could be much much better.

My flow, my thoughts, the order and even the words could be more….See, I can’t even find the right word to fit in here. That’s what I’m talking about which of course got me thinking about how I function overall as an efficient human being. ¬†What am I doing through out the day and when can I be doing it to produce better results.

When do I work out, when do I spend time with loved ones and friends, when do I create videos, when do I go to sleep.

All of those activities that I do, must be done in peak hours. At a time where I can function fully, provide fully, sleep fully and be a fuller person.

It’s time to analyse things a little differently.

Here’s to writing better and more present without me having to look at my bed while typing.