It’s everyday bro!

Any Jake Paulers in the house?

Writing that made me cringe a little. But here’s the story. A brief Jake Paul story. ¬†As brief as I can possible be.

My little brother enjoys talking to me. He tells me about school, his every day life and what he and his friends are up to. I enjoy it because it makes me feel you and a little up to date with what’s going on in schools in stuff.

So he shows me this Youtube star named Jake Paul and his fans are called Jake Paulers ( Double cringe ) . But anyways, he shows me a song he and his friends ( team ) created ” It’s everyday bro ” . I just watched it because I didn’t want to be rude but later on in the day, the chorus stuck with me.

Before I write down the chorus, this dude is singing a song to his brother ( I think ) about how his work ethic should be, and how he made it bla bla bla.

So I check this guy’s account out and he has 13,000,000 subscribers and each of his videos averages around 2 millions views. That’s pretty sweet. I mean wow. What’s this guys secret. Probably many, such as where he lives ( L.A ) and how old he is, the fact that he has a show on Disney, his style etc etc. Nothing that is relevant to us. But one thing we can all do is what he says in the chorus.

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

I tried to like his videos, tried to like him. I just couldn’t. But the man has his fans, and all I can take from this dude is…It’s everyday bros and sisses

jake paul