The people in our lives

The older I grow ( and put in mind I’m in my mid twenties now, but if you are reading this in 2030, then I’m older and this post will sound wiser ) the more I realize how temporarily most things are, especially the people in our lives.

As an expat here, I mainly mingled with locals at first but  as I became an instructor at an international language center I have come to know many amazing people who have touched my life in many positive and a few negative ways ( the negative ones are great life lessons).

Being an expat and working with expats has left me with so much disappointment up till now cause of us leaving and traveling back home or just traveling but that has taught me so much and because of that I’m more compassionate now.

People are just in and out my life, like it’s a doormat for God’s sake. Students I like, colleagues I like, people who wash my car and cut my hair. What is this life? But again, I have embraced that now and come to terms that we are not here to stay. Not for our families, friends and not to this dear and horrific world. ( Read my post on death here) .

I now try as much as I can to positively leave a good mark on the people I meet and to be some sort of inspiration and impact them in a positive way. After losing a few good people to life ( not death ) I now know that time is even more scarce than I’ve realized. I wanna be like a positive beam of ray to the people I encounter and I want to be remembered in a positive way.

I do have haters, and I know it, and they’ve exposed themselves but that’s great, and I have embraced them as well. I’m very controversial and I invite debates most of the time, so that’s alright, if I’m hated for that then I’ll live and probably have a goodnight’s sleep as well.

Be a beam of positivity and sunshine to all those you meet. Keep an open mind, praise when needed, hug more often, smile 24/7 and turn that facial expression into a contagious sick smile that everywhere you go, you leave as if it’s a joker’s asylum.

people 2

This is another short post and hope you’ve all enjoyed it. Now go and be awesome.