Here’s 10 reasons why people give up.

I’ll get down to brass tax with this post.

  1. Too easy: It’s too easy to stop whatever you want to accomplish in this short lived word and stick to something conventional. It’s too easy to just stop whatever adversities it is you are facing and just say ” ……………………. “. It’s a non stop excuse fest. I honestly think that excuses are one of the easiest things on this blue planet. Not the easiest of course. I mean there are some pretty good ones out there.
  2. Too hard: We give up because it’s hard, because It’s painful and the path you have to walk to make it to wherever you want is so damn hard. It’s hard man. It is, and I feel you. So we give up. Ahhh, better. Here’s the excuse….
  3. No long term vision: When we wake up to a no vision life, it’s pretty dull. It’s pale, colorless and it reminds me a little of London. But I love London though. You gotta have something large to wake up too. Something when everything inside and outside of you is telling you to stop and layover , the mere thought of that vision makes you smash all of these insecurities to tiny bits and pieces.
  4. Thinking small: You’re simply thinking of paying the next rent or getting that new smart phone. Yeah, I’d definitely lay over and hit the snooze.
  5. Lazy: Chances are you’re pretty darn lazy. Maybe a little spoilt too. Or just lazy. That’s a thing you know.
  6. Thin skin: You get up in flames when you’re family members comment on your hair. So, the idea of you putting yourself out there in the road less travelled is something you’d definitely not do since Mommy and Daddy are going to criticise you. Imagine a complete stranger, good jolly.
  7. Zero discipline: Chances are you also never had a structured life. You just went where the wind blew you, cause chakras. So, the idea of you working a little bit more than your brain can take is a little intimidating. Or the idea of you waking up at the a** crack of dawn is like being punished in grade school, when you had to face the wall while all of the students looked at your tiny tush. Being disciplined and getting it done day in and day out is not one of your standards. How dare life?
  8. Not willing to go backwards: You love your phone, tv shows, and lifestyle. So the idea of you not being able to binge watching Jessica James is disheartening. So you giving up your fancy schmancy lifestyle to do the recommended work, to stop going out, to sell the watch you can’t afford and to live the life you despise in the short terms for long term gainzzz is just beyond belief. As you read this, take a look around at everything you don’t need and most importantly everything that is distracting you.
  9. Impatient: You want it and you want it now because mommy and daddy thought not giving you the things you want would turn you into a crushed soul. So, if it’s not now then it’s definitely never.
  10. Bad surroundings: You are surrounded by sore losers, experts of everything without ever doing a thing, nay sayers and CEO’s at excuses/blaming Inc. Good luck at excelling at anything without the experts tell you why should roll over.